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Warhammer 40000: Darktide

Darktide Missions, Mission Types and Zones Explained

Craig Robinson

Darktide has plenty of missions, mission types, and zones that offer players different looks and gameplay experiences. The zones and their associated mission levels are largely visual and somewhat voice roleplay related, while the mission types are the game modes associated with each individual level. In total, there are 13 missions available at full launch across 5 zones. You can even play these maps on seven different game modes. While this is just a snapshot, we will go into more detail on the game’s Darktide missions, mission types and zones.

Here is a closer look at the Darktide Missions and Mission Types.

Darktide Mission Types

In total, there are seven different themed mission types in the game. You can see a brief synopsis of each mission type here:

  • Assassination: Players are sent to a map, where they need to naturally fight their way through and take on a boss at the end. The boss typically has a shield you need to break before they go down and out for a moment or too, before getting back up, and restoring their shield. Players need to coordinate burst damage while the boss is down, while managing the reinforcement hordes as well. Such an example is the Oubliette level.
  • Disruption: The aim of Disruption missions is to covert strike, and disrupt enemy plans. These are normally along the lines of spreading chaos-related items. This game mode was available in the October beta but seems to need to be present in the pre-order beta at the time of writing. One map example is the Relay Station level.
  • Espionage: Espionage is the only game mode we have yet to see. We will update this section once we can confirm what it is. It is also the mode players need to get their cosmetic helmets for their class. This will likely appear in the Freight or on the Dust themed map zone, as theft are currently lacking in the pre-order beta.
  • Investigation: Players use the Auspex to investigate places on the map. These can be scanning key items to work out what happened, and then uploading that information to the Servitor skull before getting out of there. There are typical;y several items you need to find and scan in each area of the mission before you can advance to the next investigation phase. Hab Drayko is one such level with this mission type.
  • Raid: Raid missions typically work by sending the players through various levels, before arriving at the main objective. These missions normally acquire players to collect, store items, and then exfiltrate. This could steal ammunition or other such lore-related items. Silo Cluster is one example of this level type.
  • Repair: You are sent to certain areas of the Hive to repair key facilities. These facilities include labs, which you must reactivate and turn on before you can exfiltrate. There are normally some collecting, activating and waiting for processes to these missions. Power Matrix is an example of a repair mission.
  • Strike: Strike missions are missions where you are sent to attack specific targets. These missions are typically related to maps where you can fight Corrupters, typical of the chaos creatures disrupting key I’ve facilities in the lore. Chasm Logistratum is one example of a Strike-themed mission.

What are Darktide Zones?

Zones are the tileset that Fatshark has created to make lore-related area of Tertium. There are supposed to be five zones in the game. At the time of writing, we know that most of them.

  • Manufactory “Metalfab 36”
  • Transit Hub “Chasm Terminus”
  • Habzone “The Torrent”
  • Freight Port “The Hourglass”
  • Dust (currently unreleased zone in the beta, but we’ve seen previews of the dusty sand area outside of the hive city.) This will release with the full game

These zones are then split into several missions, aka levels. There are typically 2-4 missions per zone.

For example, the Chasm Terminus has the following mission levels

  • Chasm Station - Assassination
  • Chasm Logistratum - Strike
  • Hab Drayko - Investigation

Each zone has its one levels and associated level types and mission types. There will likely be more missions as the seasons of Darktide roll on.

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