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Warhammer 40000: Darktide

Darktide Grimoire Guide: How do Grimoires work?

Craig Robinson

Darktide Grimoires are a feature that returns from Vermintide 2, where players can increase the map’s difficulty by finding new items in their matches. Picking these items up do provide opportunities to earn some valuable rewards, such as getting bonus experience and dockets through secondary objective participation or even chipping away at the weekly contract missions. Here is everything you need to know about Darktide’s Grimoires.

Here is a closer look at how grimoires work in Darktide.

Everything you need to know about Darktide’s Grimoires

When you go to the mission select, players can get their hands on randomly appearing missions for a select time. From the second difficulty onwards, these missions may get secondary objectives on them, which are either collecting scriptures or Grimoires on the map.

If a mission’s secondary objective is to collect Grimoires, then the map will have two spawns of Grimoires, which you can find from a number of potential spawns on each map. Grimoire spawns tend to glow green, penetrating certain objects and making it easier to find Grimoires on the map.

When you pick one up, you will lose access to a equipment slot, such as a medical crate or an ammunition box. In addition, players will lose roughly 25% of their wounds. If you have four wounds, this amounts to around a wound, for example.

Therefore, there is some challenge to the game for picking Grimoires up. If payers pick up both Grimoires on a map, they will lose 50% of their available wounds. If you and your team find a mission difficult with just one Grimoire, be advised that picking up a second one will increase your team’s chance of failure.

If a player carrying a Grimoire dies in a game, then the Grimoire will despawn. I s worth noting that only players on high HP at the time should pick one up, and they most certainly need the prio on the medication station and need to be notified of any healing kits going down to ensure they survive the level.

How Darktide’s Grimoire spawns work

Each map seems to have around 6-9 different Grimoire spawns, but it’s hard to tell, largely thanks to the random chance of any of the two Grimoire spawning on the map. These Grimoire spawns in Darktide tend to spawn in specific areas of the map with names on them. Some maps have three notorious named areas that are not associated with an objective, which are the ones your typically find Grimoire spawns on. Therefore, you need to check the named areas of the maps you navigate for potential Grimoire spawns.

If one map has three areas where you can get Grimoires from, and the first section of the map had one, but the second one didn’t, then you can determine the final Grimoire will appear in the third area. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about checking too many things as you can work out a degree of predictability on them.

The other general thing to note is that the Grimoires typically do not spawn on objectives that have you escape, or fulfill a long horde based objective of some sort. The only exception to this rule is on maps like Hab Drayko, where hordes can attack you while you look for objects with your Servo Skull in areas like Floor 176. These sort of mission updates can feature spawns, so make sure you learn which ones do and don’t have Grimoire spawns do.

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