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Warhammer 40000: Darktide

Chasm Logistratum Scriptures Locations in Darktide

Craig Robinson

Chasm Logistartum is a long, dark and straightforward map to navigate. However, for those looking to find Scriptures, you’re likely to have a few troubles getting your hands on them. In this guide, we aim to help guide you on finding Chasm Logistratum’s Scripture locations, and other tips on how to find ones we may not have.

Chasm Logistratum Scripture Locations in Darktide

Chasm Logistratum is a map that is fairly linear in its design, with it being filled with obvious pathways, and a straight line to navigate. However, the devs have still managed to hide the Scriptures and Grimoires in alternative routes, and behind cover and objects to make finding Scriptures a challenge. The general rule of thumb is look for avenues that don’t take you straight forward, climb objects, or look behind objects, pipes and other things that may conceal books, as that’s how this general map works.

You’re also more likely to find Scriptures in the first section of the map, and the subway railway area of the map. These tend to spawn the highest concentration of Scriptures, so these areas are totally with exploring.

Ironside Alley

The Ironside Alleyway is the first main stretch of the map, which players can navigate towards from the initial departure of the landing spawn area. The area is the long metal pathway, right until you enter the buildings and

Ironside Alley appears to have the highest frequency of spawns on Chasm Logistratum. We are aware of around three spawns, with them being to the sides of the archways or on top of the obstacles. We have also heard reports that Scriptures may spawn on the platform below the bridge, but we have yet to see that ourselves in game, so there’s potentially a fourth scripture spawn.

(1 of 3) At the end of the bridge is a building you can climb across and get a scripture on top of it. Moreso, we believe this platform we are standing on may contain a scripture too.

Sub Rails

(1 of 2) One of the stone rooms in the sub rails section may also contain a scripture.

The next major area where players will find Scriptures is around the Subrails section of the map. This are begins This area allows players to venture under the railway system, and find thin alleyways and stone rooms where enemies can lurk. We advise checking several of these long corridors and stone rooms, as you will stumble on potential scripture spawns. These are also spawns for Grimoire locations too, so if you do this mission with Grimoires, know this area has a high chance of containing grimmys too.

The Rats Nest

The Rats Nest is the railway’s final section before heading into the metal building before the Logistratum raid mission objective. Here you will find the shanty town area where enemies reside and have blocked the railway line.

When you enter the Rats Nest, drop down into the railway section and turn right. There’s a scripture hiding in the back on a metal slab hidden in the dark.

This area only seems to spawn one Scripture from what we are aware of. When you fully dropdown into the Rats Nest. follow the railway line down, then turn right and go back on yourself into a dark corner. You may find a Scripture spawn there.

If you happen to know any scripture spawns we have not yet encountered, feel free to log into the site and let us know in the comments section.

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