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As you might have noticed on your first trip, there is “something” that causes damage and Frenzy build-up whenever you are within line of sight to the central tower. To avoid this you’ll want to use the rock formations to break line of sight and allow the Frenzy meter to dissipate enough before you move on, but luckily you will soon be out of range of the tower’s gaze.

Use cover to avoid the Frenzy build-up from the glowing tower in the background.

Start by moving to the next rock formation and wait for the Loran Silverbeast to run over to carefully take it out, dealing with the Parasite Larva that are left behind if you didn’t defeat it with a visceral attack. Move up to the next wall of rocks, just right of the item on the ground, to draw over another Silverbeast and then quickly pick up the Blood Vial x8 after its death.

There are two paths to take, the right to a dead end with some items and a lamp or the left to continue into the castle. Head right first, rushing past the gaps while trying to avoid Frenzy, and then visceral attack the Giant Lost Children guarding an Eye Rune. You can now kill the single Giant Lost Child and activate the second lamp in this area, which is really useful once you access the shortcut.

Head down the right path to grab the Eye Rune near some Giants and light the lamp.

Backtrack to take the other path and cross the bridge, killing another Silverbeast, to finally get out of view of the Frenzy meter. Make sure to pick up the Frenzied Coldblood (9) off the nearby corpse and then continue up the hill.

There are numerous Giant Lost Children in this area, so be careful of the boulders and check behind the second giant for a Blood Stone Chunk . You can now deal with the final two giants, check the far left side of the building’s entrance for another Blood Stone Chunk , and enter the double doors.

As you enter the building you’ll want to head right up a small set of stairs, killing the Bell Ringer on the balcony with a Kin Coldblood (10) , and then make sure to attack the Nightmare Apostle hanging from the ceiling before you get the Madman’s Knowledge .

Defeat the Bell Ringer to grab the Kin Coldblood and then kill the spider in the hall.

There isn’t anything on the walkway to the right, but it does drop two Nightmare Apostles that you can take on here to limit how many you’ll be dealing with in a second. Once you approach the main part of the room a number of Nightmare Apostles drop from the ceiling, including a large version.

Back up to the entrance to the building to funnel them through the doorways, while leaving the large one stuck inside, and take them out one by one. Once only the Large Nightmare Apostle is left you should have very little trouble clearing the room and grabbing the Shaman Bone Blade x6 near the altar.

Group the smaller spiders together and then take out the larger spider alone.

Exit through the right archway to encounter another Hunter NPC, this one carrying a Ludwig’s Blade and Rosmarinus. While he is extremely fast and the Rosmarinus does significant damage, his strike with the Ludwig’s Blade are extremely slow and easy to counter with your firearm. Back up and avoid him when he is using the Rosmarinus and wait for him to pull out his blade before you go in fighting.

In the next building, check the left balcony for Yellow Backbone x2 and then head downstairs to kill the Mergo’s Attendants and collect the Frenzied Coldblood (9) near the shortcut.

Check the balcony for a chest and then head downstairs to activate the shortcut.

Enter the next room and check behind the screen divider on the right for a Beast Blood Pellet . Head to the opposite side of the room this time, ignoring the stairs, to grab the Blue Elixir x2 and then make your way downstairs. Be careful of the Mergo’s Chief Attendant, who causes Rapid Poison build-up and is extremely powerful, and then grab the Madman’s Knowledge nearby.

Continue around the gap in the floor to the opposite side with three archer Mergo’s Attendants and an Mergo’s Chief Attendant. Focus on taking out the archers by approaching from the far right corner to catch the archers off guard and then deal with the Chief Attendant before picking up the Lead Elixir x2 behind the pillar to the left of the lift and ride it up.

Sneak up behind the archers to take care of them safely and then pick up the Lead Elixirs.

Continue outside to find some new enemies: Carrion Crows with Rabid Dog heads and Rabid Dogs with Carrion Crow heads, but they are not any different than their normal variants.

Head up the stairs and turn around to spot a Tempering Damp Blood Gem (5) and Carrion Crow hanging inside a cage, which you can roll into, and then drop to the stairs. You can now take the opposite stairs heading down to kill the two Rabid Dogs and pick up the Kin Coldblood (10) and Blood Stone Chunk .

Make sure to get the Blood Gem from the hanging cage and the Kin Coldblood (10).

Head back up the stairs and turn left to activate another shortcut, leading to the location next to the lift from earlier, and then return and take the stairs. You can now cross the large metal bridge and pass the Skeletal Puppets to reach Micolash.

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