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Return up the elevator across from the Lonely Old Dear in Oedon Chapel, rushing into the room to avoid fire from a Wheelchair Huntsman with a gatling gun, and then open the chest for the Communion Rune.

You can now run across the bridge, avoiding the Riflemen and Huntsman until you reach the tower and then head left around the tower to kill a Wandering Nightmare and drop down to the level below.

As you enter the tower you’ll find a bunch of broken platforms, but in order to reach the Abandoned Old Workshop you’ll want to drop between the main platform and a single broken beam that juts out just before the walkway. This should land you on a platform just above the platform leading into the Abandoned Old Workshop.

Fall from the broken platform above (left) to land on a platform directly above the Abandoned Old Workshop (right).

- Abandoned Old Workshop -

This area is identical to the Hunter’s Dream and contains the Doll Set in a chest where the Messenger Bath, Old Hunter Bone in the bushes above the chest, One Third of Umbilical Cord on the altar inside the house, and a Small Hair Ornament in the cabinet.

You can then return to Hunter’s Dream and give the Small Hair Ornament to the Doll to gain the Tear Stone .

Make sure to grab the Hair Ornament, which you can give to the Doll in Hunter's Dream.

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The Source of the Dream

Discover the abandoned old workshop, the source of the hunter's dream.

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- Healing Church Workshop Cont. -

Return to the Healing Church Workshop tower and this time enter the tower to kill the Huntsmen and open the chest for a Bloodtinge Gemstone (2) . The stairs lead up to some more enemies, one of which is a Wheelchair Huntsman with a gatling gun, and then wait for the Huntsman’s Minion to enter the tower to kill it from cover.

Once clear, exit the tower to kill the two rifle enemies and then grab the Thick Coldblood (6) . You can now climb the ladder on this level, turn left to grab the Thick Coldblood (6) at the dead end, and then enter the tower to kill two more Wheelchair Huntsmen with flamethrowers before opening the chest with the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge .

Defeat the flamethrowers at the top of the tower for the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge.

Return to the broken platforms, where you previously dropped to the Abandoned Old Workshop, and this time cross the walkway to drop to a platform below. Drop off to the left and then carefully cross the wide beam to reach another beam that you can drop to for the Messenger Top Hat and then drop down again.

If you look down from the edge of this platform you should spot a Madman’s Knowledge on a small platform below, which you can carefully drop to, and then use your torch to spot another walkway below you. To drop down on this walkway drop off to the right of the corpse to land safely and then roll to another platform below before dropping to the ground.

The Beast-possessed Soul blocking the door is pretty easy to sneak up on for a charge attack, followed by a visceral attack, and drops the Beast Rune.

After grabbing the Madman's Knowledge aim for the platform directly below you.

Head down the alley to kill two Carrion Crows and then pick up the Rumpled Yharnam Set . Continue, killing the Rabid Dog, and then turn right to sneak up on the Kidnapper before grabbing the Madman’s Knowledge on the other side of the yard, hiding behind a tree.

Head right to another alley with two Huntsman and then turn right and head down the stairs to kill the Brainsucker protecting a Fire Blood Gemstone (3) . You can now return up the stairs, continue straight to the elevator, and take it to grab the Thick Coldblood (6) in the Cathedral Ward.

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Many travellers seek the city of Yharnam, famed for its Blood Ministration that many believe holds the key to cure their afflictions, but when an outsider arrives in town they find the city plagued with an endemic illness that has transformed most of its citizens into bestial creatures. Tasked with the job of hunting down the inflicted and finding something known as the Paleblood, the new Hunter finds themselves facing off against a group that wish to birth a god.

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