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The Nightmare Frontier is likely one of the most difficult places you have encountered, as it is full of tough enemies and a poisonous swamp.

Exit the cavern to kill the Wandering Nightmare by the ledge and then head up the small hill to grab the Madman’s Knowledge near some tombstones on the left. Silently approach the Loran Silverbeast overlooking a ledge to perform a visceral attack and then follow the ledge to the right to drop down and pick up Lead Elixir x2 .

Kill the Loran Silverbeast and then hop off the ledge for the Lead Elixir x2.

Continue up the hill and follow the road down to find a Large Wandering Nightmare and another Silverbeast and then go a bit further for another Wandering Nightmare and Silverbeast. Cross the gap towards the green lantern, which indicates important paths, and as you head down the path you may see another Wandering Nightmare in the road.

Unfortunately, you will often be unable to kill it due to the NPC Hunters that appear, so focus on killing the Hunter with a Hunter Axe followed by the Threaded Cane version. This can be done fairly easily by using the environment and tombstones to block their attacks and forcing them around an object where you have the advantage.

Use the environment for cover to heal or draw the Hunters in close and catch them off guard.

Return to the green lantern, for orientation, and hug the left wall as you proceed down the hill to find another hill leading up to a gap. Roll across the gap and grab the Fading Lake Rune and then backtrack to the gap to drop down and find a Madman’s Knowledge underneath it.

If you turn around you’ll spot the Bell Ringer on a cliff, but in order to take care of her you’ll need to walk down to the swamp and enter a cave on the right to come up behind her. You can now drop down, kill the Silverbeast and pick up the Blood Vial x2 before heading through the cave.

Sneak up behind the Bell Ringer to stop her bell and then pick up the Blood Vial below.

Kill the Wandering Nightmare on the opposite side of the tunnel and then head up to the second ledge, where the Giant Lost Child is, to kill another Wandering Nightmare before you focus your attention on the Giant. You can now turn around and hug the left wall, continuing right, to find a hidden ledge with a Colblood Flowerbud before dropping down and hugging the right wall, continuing left, to find another Giant Lost Child.

Make sure to get the Bolt Paper x2 behind the large tombstone and then drop down one level and turn right to encounter another Silverbeast. Cross the bridge over the swamp, turning left to grab the Lead Elixir x2 , and then head up the hill to kill the final Giant Lost Child. You can now continue along the path, through a tunnel, and turn right to go up a hill for another Large Wandering Nightmare.

Grab the Lead Elixirs and then head up the hill to kill the Giant throwing boulders.

As you head down the hill you’ll want to keep to the right and step on a partially overturned tombstone to create a shortcut back to the beginning. Kill the possible Wandering Nightmare and then head back up the tombstone and turn right to cross another bridge. You’ll want to enter the cave straight ahead and kill a Giant Lost Child before you backtrack and enter the field on the left, walking toward the treasure, for a cutscene.

This will drop you in the poisonous swamp with a Wandering Nightmare and two treasures with an Antidote x3 and Lead Elixir x2 . If you head toward the two Crawlers near the cave you’ll be exiting the area, so head the opposite direction instead.

The treasure is a trap and will result in being pushed into a poisonous swamp below.

Make your way through the swamp to a large area with two small Wandering Nightmares and a Large Wandering Nightmare, which you’ll likely have to come back for multiple times to kill, and then defeat the Crawlers.

If you don’t have Sedatives on your hotkeys you should add them now and prepare them for use, because the next enemy causes massive Frenzy and if his attacks don’t kill you then the Frenzy he causes will. Hug the left wall as you enter the cave and try and spot the Winter Lantern on the other side, without behind spotted in return. If you are lucky you should be able to slowly walk behind him, hop in for some quick attacks off to kill him easily, and then hit Square to cure the Frenzy meter ASAP.

Sneak up behind the Winter Lantern and then attack quickly to finish him off.

Behind the Winter Lantern is the Messenger’s Gift , which is extremely helpful in PVP, so grab it and then run back to where you dropped into the swamp and head through the tunnel.

As you exit turn left to reach an island with a Wandering Nightmare and Antidote x4 , while avoiding the Giant Lost Child’s boulders, and then drop off the left side and continue clockwise around the swamp. You’ll likely spot another Wandering Nightmare that you can kill and then enter the nearby alcove, lit with an orange glow, for a Frenzied Coldblood (8) .

Keep hugging the wall, as you deal with more Crawlers, and turn left to find a hill small hill with another Wandering Nightmare. You can now pick up the Clear Deep Sea Rune and then sneak up on the Giant Lost Child for a visceral attack.

Look for the hidden path near the Crawler and tombstone to find the Clear Deep Sea Rune.

Continue to follow the left wall to kill another Giant Lost Child near a green lantern, effectively making the swamp clear of boulders, and then look out into the swamp to spot a small island straight ahead, near some Crawlers, for the Coldblood Flowerbud . You can now continue clockwise around the outskirts of the swamp for another Wandering Nightmare just before a Madman’s Knowledge .

You’ll now want to clear out the area where Patches knocked you down before you continue. Backtrack to the opposite side of the swamp and head through the tunnel, where the Bell Ringer was, to return all the way to where Patches knocked you down and finally grab the Coldblood Flowerbud that lured you to your plunge.

Clean up the swamp area and then make your way back to where Patches betrayed you.

Enter the tunnel where the Giant Lost Child was overlooking the swamp and this time head deeper into the tunnel, just enough to grab the Clockwise Metamorphosis Rune, but do not drop. Backtrack outside and turn right to continue up the hill for Blood Vial x2 and a Wandering Nightmare and then carefully drop off the ledge to the right by rolling, which seems to help get around the troublesome rock that pushes you away from the cliff.

Follow the path to a Madman’s Knowledge , overlooking an area with Crawlers, and then drop down to kill them for the Frenzied Coldblood (9) . Make sure to take the tunnel on the other side of the area, which leads to a Stunning Deep Sea and the other drop near the Giant Lost Child. You can now return to the swamp and head to the green lantern directly across from your current location to continue.

Roll over the gap to reach the cave with some Crawlers and the Stunning Deep Sea Rune.

As you exit the other side of the tunnel look right from behind cover to spot another Winter Lantern. Killing this enemy can be difficult because of it’s distance from you, but if you wait he will walk toward you and then turn around and walk the other way. You can then follow him slowly, rushing in at the last second to kill him…just remember to pop a Sedative after striking him down.

Continue down to the next area, turning around to follow a small ledge to a Large Wandering Nightmare and Frenzied Coldblood (8) . Backtrack to find a Madman’s Knowledge near a hole, but do not drop, and then turn around and drop off the walkway to an open area with another Wandering Nightmare.

You can now take the small ledge to the left for a Lead Elixir x3 and then continue to another swamp area to kill another Wandering Nightmare across the tombstone to your left.

Grab the Madman's Knowledge and then check the narrow ledge for some Lead Elixirs.

There is an island in the center of this poisonous swamp, but in order to reach it and the Frenzied Coldblood (9) you’ll need to jump from the top ledge to the island. You can now fall into the swamp and check a nearby alcove, under where you jumped, for some Bold Hunter’s Mark x3 and then continue around to find more Crawlers guarding a Large Wandering Nightmare.

Rather than returning to land you’ll want to explore the swampy tunnels at the back of this area, so follow the left wall to a Madman’s Knowledge and then cross to the other side. There’s a small alcove here with a Winter Lantern, who isn’t guarding anything, but you should probably take it out now rather than having it sneak up behind you.

Pick up the Madman's Knowledge and then make sure to kill the Winter Lantern in the corner.

Directly across from the Winter Lantern’s alcove is a Frenzied Coldblood (9) and deeper into the swamp is another split: the left leading to the Great Deep Sea Rune and the right leading to a Kin Coldblood (10) . You can now backtrack to the main part of the swamp and use the tombstones to return to land, where you’ll find a Madman’s Knowledge .

Ignore the path leading to the archway with the boss and instead head across the overturned tombstone nearby to grab the Blood Vial x3 . You can now climb the hill, kill the Loran Silverbeast, and carefully activate the elevator that leads to the beginning of the level.

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