Head to the Old Yharnam lamp and interact with the double doors twice to open them and enter Old Yharnam for a message from a Hunter who tells you to leave.

Turn right and take the stairs, locking onto and killing a Wandering Nightmare, and then drop if you haven’t already to a wooden platform. If you passed the platform running after the Wandering Nightmare don’t worry because you can come back to get the Blood Stone Shard . You can now drop from the roof to a lower part of the roof and into a courtyard with two Beast Patient (Female) and the Hunter’s Torch in the small alcove.

Kill the Wandering Nightmare and then drop to collect a new torch down below.

Return to where you dropped into the area and hop down the crumbled railing to a ledge below and then to a walkway with a locked gate. Follow the walkway to a ladder to a bell tower with a Coldblood Dew (2) and then drop down to return to the Old Yharnam entrance.

You can now check the corner of the courtyard for Blood Vial x6 before crossing the bridge to deal with a Beast Patient (Male).

Grab the Dew on the way back to the entrance and then get the Blood Vials.

Continue across the bridge and take care of the two Beast Patient (Male)s that pop out from behind the steam and then head to the building straight ahead to kill another enemy curled in a ball against the wall. Turn left to follow the building’s wall to the opposite end for a Beast Patient (Female) and a Coldblood Dew (2) and then return to the stairs and check the dead end to their left for a Blood Stone Shard x2 .

Make sure to check both sides of the building for some treasure.

Head back to the stairs, killing the Beast Patient (Male) that came looking for you, and then head down the steps to take care of two more Beast Patient (Male)s and two Beast Patient (Female)s.

You can now take a right at the bottom of the steps to drop down to a ledge with a Blood Stone Shard and enter the building to kill a Beast Patient (Female) walking away from you before grabbing the Antidote x3 .

The next room is open to fire from the Hunter with the gatling gun, so rush in to draw the attention of the two Ghouls and deal with them from the safety of the previous room. You can now return to the open room to grab the Antidote x3 before crossing the wooden platform.

Head left to kill a group of four Carrion Crows guarding a Blood Stone Shard x2 and then make sure to check to the right of the entrance into the next building for a hidden corpse with Fire Paper x2 .

Carefully kill the Carrion Crows for the Blood Stones and then get the Fire Paper.

You can now enter the building and immediately turn left to deal with two Beast Patient (Male)s hiding in the alcove before moving forward to draw out the Beast Patient (Female) that busts in from the right door. Make sure to check newly opened room to grab the Bloodtinge Gemstone (1) and the Antidote in the main room before continuing.

As you enter the next area you’ll want to stick to the left to avoid fire from the Hunter NPC above. There are numerous Beast Patient (Male)s and (Female)s behind the smoke, so you may want to run in and then back up to lure them into the building for safety.

There are a few more enemies you’ll want to kill before you rush over to the items, so take care of the Beast Patient (Male) straight ahead to the left of the building’s stairs and the one to the right of the stairs and then rush past the statue with the item to awaken another Beast Patient (Male) and Beast Patient (Female).

With all the enemies finally dead you can now draw the attention of the Hunter NPC to one location and then rush over to pick up the Coldblood Dew (3) .

Defeat the Beast Patients carefully and then quickly pick up the Coldblood Dew.

While it may be tempting to kill the Hunter NPC with the gatling gun to ease your journey through the rest of this area he is actually an important NPC that you can befriend later, named Retired Hunter Djura . While the ladder leads to the Djura and some items, you’ll want to clear out the enemies first, so head down the wooden bridge and hang a left to enter the church.

Look up to spot a Beast Patient (Female), who will fall and try and ambush you, and then run straight over to the two Beast Patient (Female)s at the end of the hall and kill them before turning around to take care of the one that dropped. The nearby door leads to a wooden platform overlooking the church, but before heading there you’ll want to head down the stairs straight ahead, getting the Antidote x3 .

Watch you back to avoid being ambushed and pick up the Antidotes by the stairs.

Head down the stairs and hang a right onto a balcony, where there is another Beast Patient (Female) you’ll need to kill, but before grabbing the item on the opposite end you’ll want to head back into the stairwell.

Prepare from an array of Beast Patient (Male)s and Beast Patient (Female)s that come rushing up due to the previous enemy’s screams and when the flow slows down, or you think you got them all, return to the balcony to pick up the Blood Stone Shard x2 .

You can now make your way down the stairs to finish off any stragglers and then pick up the Madman’s Knowledge in the nearby alcove and the Royal Blood (1) x2 on the altar at the other end.

Clear out the bottom of the church to grab the items from the alcove and altar.

Exit out the front of the church and turn left to kill a group of six Carrion Crows to grab the Blood Stone Shard x2 off the corpse and cross to the other side of the church’s entrance. Make sure to ignore the archway leading deeper into the area and instead run straight ahead to grab the Blood Vial x6 and take the nearby ladder to open the shortcut back to Djura’s Tower.

Now to explore the two areas you ignored until you cleared out the church. Start by taking the ladder leading up to Djura straight ahead, but instead of climbing the second ladder you’ll want drop down to the right to enter the rafters of the church.

Carefully cross the beams to grab the Madman’s Knowledge before you drop to the wooden platform below, grabbing the Molotov Cocktail x4 . You can now look right to spot an item on another wooden platform and then back up to line up a jump to get the Bloody Messenger Head Bandage .

Cross the rafters carefully and then jump to the platform with the Messenger Skin.

You can now drop to the church floor, circle back up through the shortcut, and then take the right path to enter the church. This time you can head through the door on the right and drop down the wooden platforms to find a Coldblood Dew (2) .

Circle back through the shortcut one last time, this time climbing up and turning left to approach the Hunter NPC with a Saw Spear and Hunter Pistol below Djura’s Tower.

Take the steps leading to the open area and stop on the top of the stairs, where you are safe from Djura’s fire and will also draw the attention of the Hunter. Wait for him to run up toward you and unleash a full charged attack when he is within range and he will often back up without ever hitting you. When he gets below 50% he will sometimes back up and use a Blood Vial, so keep him busy with your gun so he is unable to recover and he will die in no time.

Stay at the top of the steps to avoid Djura and use your gun to prevent him from healing.

Head to the back left corner to deal with three Carrion Crows, while using the statues to avoid Djura’s fire, and then roll onto the ledge in the back corner where you can carefully drop off to the ledge below and onto the small balcony to enter the dark building below.

Pull out your torch to light the area and then make your way to the back left corner, watch out as you approach the Beast Patient (Female) because more will awaken in the area and some normal Beast Patient (Male)s will come running down to ambush you. Back up to the balcony to get a good view of the room and kill the enemies that approach and when the coast is clear enter to pick up the Blood Vial x6 from the corpse and the Tempering Blood Gemstone (1) from the chest.

You can now take the stairs up to the next floor and then hit the coffin next to the two bookcases to find the Rifle Spear before continuing to the top floor for the Charred Hunter Set . Drop out of the window to grab the Coldblood Dew (2) and then make sure to rush to the steps for cover from Djura before killing the Beast Patient (Male)s.

Pick up the Rifle Spear and Charred Set before leaving the building.

Head down the shortcut and this time take the arched tunnel to an area with a lot of smoke. There is a group of Beast Patient (Male)s hidden in here, as well as a Wandering Nightmare in the back corner, and you’ll need to either rush to the back and risk death to get the Wandering Nightmare or use caution and come back later to kill it.

Once the area is clear, head to the staircase at the back of the area and swing a left to find some Pungent Blood Cocktail x2 hiding in the tall grass. There are two Scourge Beasts that you’ll need to take out, individually if possible, and then enter the right alley with a large set of double doors at the end for a Blood Stone Shard x2 .

Make sure to get the Pungent Cocktails before checking the alley for some Blood Stones.

Cross the bridge and continue forward until a Scourge Beast pops out off the building on your right and kill him. This building leads up to the shortcut at the start of the level, but first head back to the bridge and take the path on the right to a dead end. Be careful as you check the side of the building for a Beast Blood Pellet x6 because a Scourge Beast will drop from the top of the building and try and sneak up behind you.

You can now return to the shortcut, grab the Antidote inside, and kill the Beast Patient (Male) before making your way up the spiral staircase. Enter the room on the second level, killing another Beast Patient (Male), and grab the Blood Stone Shard x2 before continuing to the top of the stairs for a Fire Paper x2 and opening the gate that leads back to the entrance of Old Yharnam.

Don't miss the small room with some Blood Shards and then open the shortcut.

Backtrack down the stairs to the streets of Old Yharnam and hang a right, going between the two building to kill a Beast Patient (Female), and then take care of the Scourge Beast on the street. None of the homes here have people, so continue to grab the Quicksilver Bullets x10 and head up the ramp, rushing down the steps to kill a Wandering Nightmare.

Return upstairs to grab the Bold Hunter’s Mark x2 among the statues and then head back down to the burning field to grab the Coldblood Dew (3) x2 while being careful of the Beast Patient (Female)s hiding in the tall grass.


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