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Make your way from the Grand Cathedral to Hemwick Charnel Lane via the field of Riflemen, now also containing three Mad Ones that raise from the ground in a pink aura. Activate the Hemwick Charnel Lane lamp and then make your way down the stairs to enter the town to encounter some Hemwick Grave Women.

Beware of the Mad Ones that rise from the ground and then enter town.

Grab the Bloodshot Eyeball , on the corpse laying under the guillotine, and the Twin Blood Stone Shards x2 , on the back of the shrine of tombstones in the center of the area, and then take the stairs at the back of the area for a Madman’s Knowledge near the shortcut you’ll unlock later. You can now backtrack to the plaza and take the other stairs to encounter another Hemwick Grave Woman before reaching an open field.

Grab the Madman's Knowledge by the shortcut before continuing and fighting on the steps.

Another Mad One will spawn at the base of the tree in the center of the open field, but don’t enter the field as there are plenty more enemies that are just waiting to ambush you and back up to the stairs to deal with it alone.

A Hunting Dog will often make its way over to you, so defeat it and then carefully re-enter the field and take out the pole iron Hemwick Grave Woman that comes down from the left stairs, followed by the one with a mallet at the top of the stairs and the Molotov Cocktail one throwing bombs at you.

Make sure to get the Thick Coldblood (4) by the tree in the field and then continue up the stairs to find a Huntsman’s Minion, which you should be able to take care of easily, and then turn around and walk to the left of the staircase to find Twin Blood Stone Shards x2 . You can now run toward the gate, which can’t be opened from this side, and then turn around to kill the Hemwick Grave Woman with Molotov Cocktail.

Make sure to pick up the Twin Shards before you continue toward the gate to another fight.

Take the stairs and immediately turn left to kill a Hemwick Grave Woman with a sickle hiding in the alcove and then enter the graveyard below. There are some Carrion Crows and another Mad One in this area to kill and then make sure to snag the Pebble x4 before activating the elevator nearby, which leads back to the town square at the beginning of the level.

You can now continue to the right, rush around the corner to avoid the Hemwick Grave Woman that tries to push you off the edge of the cliff, and pick up some Bone Marrow Ash x8 behind the tombstones.

Watch out for the enemy who tries to push you off the ledge and then pick up the Ash.

Cross the wooden bridge to quickly deal with the Huntsman’s Minion and then deal with the Molotov Cocktails thrown in your face. Enter the barn, checking the second stall to kill a Hemwick Grave Woman playing dead, and then watch out for the Hunting Dog who jumps out of the dark.

You can now continue to a ladder and climb up, immediately turning around at the top of the ladder to take the stairs down and cross some beams above the hay below. As you enter the next room make sure to rush right to kill a Wheelchair Huntsman and then check the left side of the room for an Adept Blood Gemstone (1) and the balcony for a Madman’s Knowledge .

Backtrack to the ladder and continue, dealing with another Mad One, and then pick up the Bloodshot Eyeball before you exit to the rooftop of the barn. Hang a left, being careful of the mallet Hemwick Grave Woman that tries to push you off the roof, and then continue around the roof to a path overlooking broken road to kill another Hemwick Grave Woman next to a Coldblood Dew (3) .

Watch out for the mallet on the roof and then grab the Coldblood Dew on the other side.

Proceed along the upper area, killing the Huntsman’s Minion, Hunting Dog, and pole iron Hemwick Grave Woman while avoiding the Molotov Cocktails from further down the path. Before entering the building make sure you turn around and grab the Twin Blood Stone Shards x2 from the corner where the Hemwick Grave Woman was hiding and then continue, taking out the surprise enemy on the right before heading down the stairs.

There are two Executioners and multiple Hunting Dogs in this area, so you have to advance slowly. Start by taking care of the nearest Executioner, which you can actually draw to the door of the tower, before turning left to get the Thick Coldblood (4) . Open the nearby gate to create another shortcut, this one to the area just before the elevator, and then hug the left wall to engage the second Executioner in a safe location.

Kill the Executioner from safety and then open the shortcut to the left.

With both Executioners done you can continue down the road to spot four Hunting Dogs, two pacing and two stationary. Aim for the two stationary ones to quickly cut the numbers in half and then kill the other two, often causing a fifth hound to come over.

Grab the Bone Marrow Ash x8 , which the Hunting Dogs were protecting, and continue down the road to encounter another Hunting Dog and Molotov Cocktail Hemwick Grave Woman. You can now check the tombstones on the left side of the road for a Thick Coldblood (4) and grab the Lake Rune at the end of the broken road overlooking the water.

Grab the Coldblood and then carefully grab the Lake Rune on the edge of the world.

Backtrack to the split and head up the road this time until you spot three Hemwick Grave Women walking your direction, letting them come further down the road before engaging them. You’ll need to take these enemies out quickly because an Executioner hiding behind the nearby building will come running in to help and can cause a lot of trouble if the enemies are still alive.

Once it is clear check for the broken fence, where the road bends, to find a chest with a Tempering Blood Gemstone (1) . You can now make your way into the building, break the barrels to grab the Madman’s Knowledge , and kill the Wandering Nightmare that drops.

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