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Return to Cathedral Ward to speak to the Oedon Chapel Dweller for the Triumph gesture, provided you sent the Lonely Old Dear to Oedon Chapel, and then make your way out the back end of the chapel. Be careful around the cart, because there is a Church Servant on the other side who would love to sneak up behind you.

Kill the Carrion Crow to the left of the steps and the three in the corner of the yard to grab the Madman’s Knowledge and then make your way up the large staircase to encounter another Church Servant walking down.

Pick up the item from the corner and then deal with the Church Servant on the stairs.

As you reach the top of the stairs turn left to target the Church Servant hiding to avoid him surprising you and then grab the Wooden Shield . You can then return to the chapel and exit through the other archway, on the right.

There are two Church Servants in this area: one walking out of the courtyard and another coming in from the right. Follow the one leaving to kill him quietly and then turn around and kill the other Church Servant entering the next area.

Grab the Blood Vial x6 where the Church Servant was leaving the area and then check the other side of the graveyard for the Hunter Set by the tree, but be quick to pick it up before being sucked into a void that will do massive damage.

Deal with the Church Servants in the yard and then pick up the second Hunters Set.

You can now take the only steps leading up to grab the Blood Stone Shard x2 , just before the gate with a Church Giant.

The gate at the top of the staircase is currently locked, so head down the steps to continue to the next area. You’ll want to carefully draw the attention of the incoming Huntsman’s Minion to take him down alone before you deal with the other Huntsman’s Minion, sneaking up and staggering it for a visceral attack works perfectly, and then take out the Carrion Crows that surround him.

With the area remotely clear, you can now grab the Monocular on the balcony, behind the cart, and continue down the lane.

Lure the Huntsman's Minions apart for safety and then pick up the Monocular.

Check the right side of the road as you walk along to kill a Carrion Crow, grabbing the Blood Stone Shard x3 , and then head toward the Church Giant and try to target the Wandering Nightmare behind him, this should be your priority.

Once you have the upgrade materials from the Wandering Nightmare you can defeat the Church Giant protecting the Blood Stone Shard x5 . If you take the nearby staircase you’ll find a room full of vases, with nothing in them, but the other side of the room does have a alcove with a Tempering Blood Gemstone (1) in the chest.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Blood Gem Contact

Acquire a blood gem that imbues hunter weapons with special strength.

Trophy icon

You can now make your way back to the graveyard by Oedon Chapel and head down the steps.

There are three Huntsmen and a Rabid Dog walking the area that you’ll have to deal with, easily done by luring them away, and then grab the Coldblood Dew (2) and Molotov Cocktail x4 to the right of the churchyard.

Lure the Rabid Dog away from the enemies first and then grab the items afterward.

Ignore the church interior for now and head up the stairs on the opposite side of the area, being careful of the Rifleman and the two Rabid Dogs that come barreling down the stairs, and then open the door to enter the church.

Enter the main hall of the church, pulling the lever to move the tomb on the first floor, and then grab the Madman’s Knowledge on the corpse hanging over the ledge. Backtrack and exit the other side of the church and follow the steps down to find Vileblood Hunter Alfred , who offers his services to you and will give you Fire Paper x3 and the Pray gesture if you agree.

Meet Alfred, a hunter of the Vilebloods, and agree to work together for some items.

You can now drop into the main hall of the church, kill the Huntsman with a sickle, grab the Madman’s Knowledge , enter the tomb.

Grab the Tempering Blood Gemstone (1) by the statues and then make your way into a dark room to encounter a encounter, without worry of anything else lurking in the corners, and then continue down the stairwell.

When you drop make sure to head up the stairwell for an Antidote x4 and then continue down to light the Old Yharnam lamp, grab the Pungent Blood Cocktail x3 behind some vases in on the other side of the arched wall, and warp back to Hunter’s Dream.

You should now have at least 10,000 Blood Echoes, or close to that, and can easily farm the remaining amount. Head to the Bath Messenger to the left of the Doll to purchase the Hunter Chief Emblem and then return to the Cathedral Ward lamp.

Use the Old Yharnam lamp to return to Hunter's Dream and purchase the Key Item.

Remember that locked gate at the top of the stairs by the Church Giant? Well, you can now return to that location and unlock the gate to reach the remainder of the Cathedral Ward.

Turn left to spot another Church Servant, this one with a flamethrower, and quickly run past his right side to get behind him. There is a Thick Coldblood (4) in the corner behind a tree and a Carrion Crow and if you backtrack you can run to the end of the walkway for a Thick Coldblood (5) .

You can now continue down the alley to find another Church Servant near a corpse with Poison Knife x12 and then head down into the next alley.

Grab the Thick Coldbloods and check the corner after the Church Servant for some knives.

There are two NPCs here that you’ll want to remember for later, so keep this area in mind. As you head back down the alley a Huntsman with a sickle will pop out from the right, so be careful, and then hug the left wall to find an alcove with another sickle Huntsman. By now a Rifleman and Large Huntsman will be coming your way, so use the coffins for cover to take them out and then check the alcove again for the Black Church Set .

Watch out for the Rifleman behind the Large Huntsman and make sure to get the armor set.

If you move any further forward a Rifleman will begin to fire on you, with little you can do about it other than hide, but to the left before the staircase is another Poison Knife x18 . In order to get to the Rifleman you’ll need to rush into the courtyard and turn left to reach the stairs, using the pillars to block the Rifleman’s fire, but be careful because there are three Huntsmen and Large Huntsman headed your way.

You can now rush in to kill the Rifleman and then pick up the Blood Vial x2 in the open and a Thick Coldblood (4) behind some coffins before you enter the building.

Climb up the ladder to reach a tower overlooking the main plaza with two Church Giants and then drop off the tower onto a roof with Quicksilver Bullets x10 . There is a Rabid Dog you can drop down on for some easy damage and then grab the Thick Coldblood (5) in the corner.

Enjoy the view before you drop and pick up the Quicksilver Bullets.

Make sure to pull the lever to the left of the large gate, opening a shortcut to the plaza, and then check the other side of the steps for another Thick Coldblood (5) .

Ignore the main staircase and take the opposite pathway to run into two more Church Servants and then open the other gate, this one leading to Oedon Chapel. While you can see an item sitting on a balcony over the area you won’t be able to get this until later, so don’t bother trying to figure it out and instead take the ladder.

Grab the Numbing Mist x6 and then drop to the roof below and turn around for the Black Messenger Hat . You can now return to Oedon Chapel and reload the area by heading to Hunter’s Dream and returning.

Unlock the shortcut before climbing the ladder to reach another Messenger Skin.

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