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Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 01-05-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:25 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 26-08-2019 / 10:11 GMT

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Unseen Tombstone 2

Logarius Seat

Boss: Martyr Logarius

Despite Logarius’ massive arsenal of melee and magical attacks you might think this fight is extremely hard, but it actually isn’t. The truth is that Logarius’ magic attacks are the most dangerous and they can be ignored completely by sticking close to him, forcing him to use melee strikes.

Phase 1

Start the fight by rushing Logarius, rolling under or using the environment to avoid his Homing Skulls or Skull Sphere attack, and then avoid any other non-melee attacks until he begins to use melee strikes. Stick close and use your firearm to stagger Logarius, either at the high arch of his long drawn Scythe Slash Combo or at any point during his Rapier Slash Combo, and then perform visceral attacks.

In some cases Logarius will summon a single skull on his left, which you can dodge by side-stepping left, and when he gets low on health he will begin to use his Aerial Dive. In both cases, make sure that you rush Logarius to keep close and keep him for using his other Phase 2 attacks.

Avoid the initial magic attack (left) and when you get close you can focus on using your firearm to stagger Logarius (right).

List of Martyr Logarius’ attacks in Phase 1:

  • Scythe Slash Combo: A succession of attacks that can be interrupted with a firearm
  • Rapier Slash Combo: A succession of attacks that can be interrupted with a firearm
  • Homing Skulls: Launches a horizontal row of homing skulls that explode
  • Skull Sphere: Charges a swirling ball of skulls then slowly track you down
  • Exploding Skull Sphere: This is the same as above, except it has a longer range and explodes on contact
  • Skull Blast: Jumps back to summon a skull to his left with a near instant explosion
  • Delayed Skull Blast: This is the same as above, except that it will remain for a second
List of Martyr Logarius' attacks in Phase 2:
  • Aerial Dive: Hover in the air and then smashes into the ground, make sure to roll toward him
  • Phantom Swords: Punctures the ground with his sword, causing a small explosion and swords to rain from the area
  • Spirit Wave: Charges a massive AOE attack that cannot be interrupted

Drop: 25,600 Blood Echoes and the Crown of Illusion


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