To reach the Upper Cathedral Ward you’ll need to head to the top of the Healing Church Workshop via Oedon Chapel. Open the double doors with the key you obtained from Yahar’gul, Unseen Village and kill the Celestial Child just up the stairs.

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The Choir

Gain entry to the realm of the Choir, the high stratum of the Healing Church.

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Take the nearby steps to a closed gate with a Blue Elixir and then turn around and cross the bridge with two Church Servants and many more Celestial Children, but beware as the Church Servants are a bit stronger than the ones you encounter in Cathedral Ward. You can now light the lamp, continue up the steps, and turn right to kill even more Celestial Children between you and the Great Lake Rune.

Kill the Church Servants across the bridge and then check the right corner for a rune.

Take the opposite path this time, killing more Children, and then ignore the stairs to find some Carrion Crows guarding a Frenzied Coldblood (9) . You can now head up the steps to kill another Church Servant with a scythe and enter the chapel.

Carefully walk up behind the Brainsucker hovering over the Choir Set and then turn right inside the doorway to grab a Madman’s Knowledge , but beware as you walk away because a Scourge Beast will bust through the window. These higher level Scourge Beasts can hit hard, but always seem to spawn near a doorway that can be used to block them and allow you to attack safely.

Kill the Brainsucker and then be careful of the Scourge Beast that jumps through the window.

From the doorway you can head left to another door and then walk down the grand staircase to trigger the chandelier falling, which unleashes three more Scourge Beasts that you can fight next to the most recently opened doorway.

Once clear, head down the staircase again and take a right to a small hallway with a Brainsucker. You’ll want to wait until the Brainsucker is walking away from you before you attack him, as they can now cast magic to bind you, and then grab the Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge on a corpse about halfway through the hall.

Exit the other side of the hall and hug the right wall to a doorway, which you can’t open just yet, to grab the Ritual Blood (5) x3 and then head along the other side of the chapel with another Scourge Beast. You can now enter the small hallway on this side of the room and continue down the hall to kill a Wandering Nightmare, but be careful of the Brainsucker at the end of the hall in the small room with the ladder.

Kill the Scourge Beast and enter the hallway, being careful of the Brainsucker at the end.

Climb up to the second floor and turn around, luring another Brainsucker from the long hall to your doorway to avoid his binding spell. Make sure to grab the Blue Elixir , Blindfold Cap , Madman’s Knowledge x2 , and Pearl Slug x2 before you unlock the door at the end of hall and then backtrack to the room with the ladder.

You can now exit the other side of the room, carefully luring the two Brainsuckers to a safe place like the doorway to kill them and obtain the Orphanage Key .

Pick up the items in the long hall and then lure the Brainsuckers away from each other.

Make sure to unlock the opposite door, where the Scourge Beast jumped through the window, and check the statue through the double doors for the Make Contact gesture. You can now return downstairs to unlock the other set of double doors leading to a Frenzied Coldblood (9) and the gate near the lamp, which you can open with the device.


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