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Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 01-05-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:25 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 24-08-2019 / 07:39 GMT

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Frontier Tombstone 2


Exit the Forbidden Grave to enter Byrgenwerth and follow the path for a surprise attack from a Garden of Eyes that pops out on the right. You can now continue, checking the left side of the path to find a Madman’s Knowledge behind a statue, and then activate the lamp.

Watch out for the sneak attack and then pick up the Madman's Knowledge.

Enemy Info: Garden of Eyes rush toward you and jump on your head, adding a significant amount of Frenzy build-up that will continue to rise as long as the enemy is alive. Make sure to kill them quickly by side-stepping their attacks and slashing them.

Follow the path down to a gate with a Garden of Eyes walking your way and then turn left to find another Garden of Eyes hiding behind the tree at the back of this area. Take the stairs to kill another Garden of Eyes and then take the left stairs to sneak around the right side of the tree to visceral attack a Brainsucker before picking up the Arcane Lake Rune. You can now head down to the river’s edge and turn right to grab the Madman’s Knowledge in the open.

As you continue two Garden of Eyes will drop down from above, so back up to deal with them, and then continue forward to encounter a Fluorescent Flower near the Great One’s Wisdom of balcony area.

Sneak up behind the Brainsucker to get the rune and then deal with the Fluorescent Flower.

Enemy Info: Fluorescent Flowers cast fire magic on you if you are at a distance, while their Venus Fly Trap-like mouth will puke on you. Approach their sides to avoid the vomit and you’ll usually get pushed with them as they move around, keeping you relatively safe.

Check the other side of the large set of stairs to find a Garden of Eyes protecting Sedative x5 and then open the shortcut gate near the building. Enter the building and open the chest on the left side of the room for a Pearl Slug and the cross the room to unlock the doors on the other side of the building.

As you head up the stairs a Hunter will enter from the right, but rather than engage them you should rush up the stairs and around the balcony to a ladder and climb up half way. The Hunter will rush after you, but as soon as you climb the ladder they will lose interest and walk to a chest at the other side of the building and stare at it.

By doing this you can easily walk up behind the Hunter for a charge attack/visceral combo and then rush back to the ladder to lose them again.

Use the ladder to lose the Hunter and then sneak up behind her to for a visceral.

Open the chest for the Student Set and then return up the ladder to grab the Lunarium Key on a table. If you continue up the stairs a Garden of Eyes will try to ambush you on the top level, where you can also grab the Empty Phantasm Shell . You can now return to the floor where the Hunter was and open the double doors to a balcony with Provost Willem .

Make sure to speak to the NPC for some Insight and then kill him to obtain the Eye Rune.

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