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Bravely Second: End Layer

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Side: Performer vs Pirate (Part 2)

Vincent Lau


Yup, this looks like the final area. Head west first to pick up a Fraise off the floor–hopefully not a doomed wildlife photographer’s snack. Next, follow the main path south from the entrance. When the path splits in many direction near the south, go west first to find a chest containing 3500 pg .

Afterwards, proceed east, ignoring the first path going south. Rather, go up the next path to the north to note down a blue locked chest that you’ll need to return to later. From your current location, head south into the side path to find some Catnip waiting at the end.

Finally, go back to the main path and keep going east, then travel all the way north after the corner. As always, the Adventurer has set up camp near the exit, ready for your boss preparation needs. Once you’re all prepared, continue north for your fateful appointment.

Northern Hidden Village

As soon as you step inside, Yew and company fill in Pellar with the details. However, like all the people you’ve had to help thus far, Pellar is indecisive and leaves the final decision to you. Naturally, whoever you don’t choose isn’t going to take the news well.

Boss: Praline ala Mode

Boss Level HP Weakness
Praline 44 40000 Nothing
Praline Admirer 44 3300 Lightning
Praline Enthusiast 44 3300 Lightning
Praline Devotee 44 3300 Lightning

Praline’s cute looks are just for show–she’s an absolute menace on the battlefield. For starters, she likes using Love Power to boost her party’s physical attack and this effect is doubled by Dancing Machine. She can also use One More for You to boost an ally’s BP by 1.

Her fanboys aren’t half bad either. The Admirer uses Edge of Madness to attack one and cause confusion. Meanwhile, the Enthusiast uses Shell Split to attack one and drop their physical defence. Finally, the Devotee uses Mow Down to hurt the party.

Their strong moves in conjunction with Love Power will leave a dent on your party fast, so aim to get rid of them ASAP. The safest route is to give your characters Peace Rings (or the Ninja’s Confuse Immunity) and increase your party’s defence with Physical Ward Mist.

After that, focus on the Enthusiast to stop him decreasing your physical defence and work your way from there. Keep in mind that all three are weak to lightning; a Pantheon’s Wrath combined with Attack Item Amp will chop off most of their HP.

If you defeat all of her fanboys, Praline will eventually use Adoring Fans to call for more. So consider leaving the Admirer alive to prevent this. Of the trio, the Admirer is the least dangerous once you’re immune to confusion.

Once your defence is sorted, it’s time to plan your counterattack. Praline’s defences are balanced so physical or magical attacks will work equally well. Later, you may want to swap to Physical/Mystic Boon to improve your party’s offence and shrug off the residual damage with your healer.

Boss: Hayreddin Barbarossa

Boss Level HP Weakness
Barbarossa 44 45000 Lightning
Death Pirate x2 40 4500 Fire, Light, Undead

Barbarossa likes to use Shin Smash to lower a character’s speed. He can also Brave to use Shell Split to drop a character’s physical defence, followed by Double Damage for heavy damage to one. The two Death Pirates frequently use Double Damage to add salt in your wounds.

Your best bet is to play it safely at the beginning. Default on the first turn, then put up Physical Ward Blast on the next turn and Physical Ward Mist on the next available turns. Once your party is safely protected, quickly exorcise the Death Pirates to stop their damage racking up.

Physical attacks work well against their rotten flesh or you can have your Bishop cast Benediction on both for a clean OHKO. Do note that Barbarossa will call more Death Pirates after a while, so make sure your Bishop is ready for another double dosage of Benediction.

After you’ve singled out Barbarossa, continue to keep an eye on your party’s defence and HP. As soon as Barbarossa goes immobile after Braving or when your party’s HP is high, it’s time for your own onslaught. The Pirate is weak to Lightning, so try to implement that in your strategy.

Finally, when Barbarossa reaches critical HP (below a quarter, give or take), he will Brave twice, unleashing a standard attack and two lots of Double Damage. So long as you’ve been managing your party’s health properly, this is the perfect time to sink him once and for a while.

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