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Bravely Second: End Layer

Eternia City

Vincent Lau

Friends Reunited

Outside on the world map, you can finally stretch your legs a little. Now that you’ve conquered Pilgrim’s Grove, the next time you go back, you can choose to skip the entire dungeon and emerge on the other side. Useful for returning to and from Gathelatio in a hurry!

When it’s time to advance, head south towards the woods and feel around the south-most corner to find a Antidote . Having fulfilled your OCD, go backwards and travel an easterly direction to the new orange exclamation mark calling for your attention.

Eternia City

Ethers are fairly pricey, but very useful for mages and other jobs that require MP.

Here we are at grand Eternia City! Bravely Default players will probably be very familiar with this snowbound city. Since you’re in a new city, be sure to check out the locales, stock up on new equipment and spells and hunt for hidden items.

If you need help looking, make for the south-most part of the city and hug the bottom-right corner for a pair of Leather Gloves . Then hop over to the obscured corner left of the Armory for a bottle of Ether .

That’s all the freebies; the rest will require your wallet. At the least, buy the Lightning and Frost scrolls from the Magics store, then split your remaining funds on better armours for Yew and Edea. Whoever is a Wizard should buy the Mystic Hood and Manarobe for the Magic Attack boost.

Once you’ve seen all the sights and/or are chilled to the bone, head on over to the Central Healing Tower, directly north from the entrance. Feel free to check in with the friendly Adventurer along the way.

Central Healing Tower

Inside this hospital, run up the stairs ahead, then turn left and continue up the second flight of stairs. At the end of the room, approach the sizable figure.

After the conversation, edge towards the gap between the nearby bed and the wall to find a hidden Balsam . Then descend the stairs and go right towards the wards. Hug the bottom-right corner to discover Bacchus’s Wine . In a hospital!?

Well, that’s all for Eternia City. Once you’ve completed all necessary preparations ( hint : it’s going to be another long trek!), make your way towards the west-most part of the city to find the exit.

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Two years after the Heroes of Light calmed the Four Crystals, Luxendarc is at peace. Agnes Oblige is now Pope of the Crystal Orthodoxy, working with the Duchy of Eternia to maintain peace and prosperity in the land.

But there are those who do not wish for peace. The Glanz Empire and its leader Kaiser Oblivion kidnap Pope Agnes despite the efforts of her protector Yew Geneolgia and set out to conquer Eternia. Yew survived the attack and wakes up a week later, determined to rescue his beloved Pope Agnes and stop the advancing Empire once and for all. And so your journey begins…

Our guide is filled with a plethora of information to help you on your journey through Luxendarc including:

  • Complete start-to-finish walkthrough of the main quest.
  • Full coverage of the Barter Sub-Scenario System and how to obtain new asterisks.
  • Every other side quest explained in full.
  • A full examination of the job system and use of the new additions to the Bravely battle system..
  • Post-game dungeons, Ba’al strategies, bosses and other content.
  • Details on the village-building mini-game centred around the reconstruction of Magnolia’s home and much more!

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