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Bravely Second: End Layer

Ba'al iv; Goldie

Vincent Lau
Level HP Weakness
1~99 Up to 500,000 Lightning, Aquatic

This devilish goldfish appeared in Bravely Default as a Nemesis alongside Turtle Dove; here, it fights roughly the same. Its party trick is giving birth to baby goldfish, which it will devour to boost its stats. Although it’s tough, it’s not nearly as frustrating as previous Ba’als though.

Goldie starts by using Incubation to spawn three Comets with relatively low HP. These Comets may attack a single target, use Rapid Growth to boost their attack and add Regen or Default. Every now and then, Goldie will use Cannibalism to eat a Comet, stealing their BP and beneficial effects.

When Goldie’s not spawning and eating its own children, it generally sticks to regular attacks, but often uses Bouncy Balls, which damages all combatants, including itself. It may also use Festival Lights to confuse all combatants–even itself on rare occasions.

By the way, if a Comet get confused by Festival Lights and Goldie eats it, Goldie can become confused. While confused, Goldie may use Cannibalism on one of your party members, instantly KOing them and stealing their BP and beneficial effects.

To avoid become pet food, give your party the Ninja’s Confuse Immunity or a Peace Ring to nullify confuse. If Goldie gets confused, have a speedy character feed it a Remedy to return it to its senses. You’ll also get a free turn for your kind efforts.

Additionally, all of Goldie’s (and the Comets’) attacks are physical-based, so high Physical Defence will go a long way, especially if combined with party buffs and the Astrologian’s Limit Breaker. Utsusemi and Rampart are nice as well, but Soul Mirror won’t trigger for Bouncy Balls.

Having sorted your defences, you can turn your attention to grilling the garish goldfish. Its defences are still pretty mediocre, so strong attacks like those boosted by Bloody Wolf and Limit Breaker will pack a punch. It has a glaring weakness to lightning that you can exploit too.

If you’re concerned about Goldie stealing Regen and attack boosts from the Comets, you can dispel them with the Exorcist’s Purgation. Generally, since Goldie can have a lot of HP, it’s in your favour to get rid of Regen as early as possible, so the battle drags on for less.

As with most Ba’als and super bosses, you can take down Goldie in record time by referring to the Ghost Mage Onslaught strategy from our Recommended Builds section. It’s too easy to take out Goldie and even its Comets in a single turn with three mages unleashing rain after rain of Meteor.

Neo Version

Level HP Weakness
1~99 Up to 1,000,000 Lightning, Aquatic

What madness is this? Neo Goldie is the only Neo Ba’al that doesn’t have 9999 Physical Defence and Magical Defence, although it still has superior stats compared to regular Goldie. The troublesome thing is that the Comets have a lot more HP, up to 100,000 at Level 99.

Because Neo Goldie’s defences are manageable, you don’t have to go out of your way to bypass its defences like you would normally, freeing up your options considerably. This also means the Ghost Mage Onslaught can function as normally intended, for the most part.

Before jumping into battle, ensure your tank has optimal Physical Defence. The Knight’s Dual Shields is handy for skyrocketing your defence. Plus you can equip Prescience and Limit Breaker so you can start with the Catmancer’s Purrfect Stance for 200% defence right off the bat.

That way, your tank can more reliably fend of Goldie’s stronger attacks, as well as those from its babies. Since Goldie likes to start off with Incubation, it’s possible you’ll be unable to defeat Goldie in one turn due to the Comets absorbing most of the hits, hence the need to buff your tank.

Still, it may be possible to KO Goldie in one turn if you swap out your tank for an Astrologian with Kaiser as their secondary job and the Spellcraft and Ventriloquism abilities. Your three ghost mages should all be Yokai with Chainspell and no speed or agility boosts.

Start the turn by having your Astrologian cast Mystic Boon (or any useless buff) Rain on Goldie–and make sure it’s Goldie, not your party! Then use Noble Eagle and Sonnenblume, in that order. Your three Yokai should all cast Meteor four times (or Thundaja if you prefer).

With luck, because Goldie has exceptional speed and since Sonnenblume reverses the turn order, your three Yokai should unleash their attacks before Goldie has time to use Incubation. Three mages should be able to inflict just under 1 million damage, with the rest coming from Echo.

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