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Bravely Second: End Layer

Recommended Builds (Part 1)

Vincent Lau

With 30 jobs and 330 abilities to choose from, there are countless ways for you to build your characters. While we strongly encourage you to experiment to find builds that best suit your preferences, here are some builds that we recommend as a starting point or a helpful reference.

Adventuring Pro

This character can be any job and you could even (and should) split this role among multiple characters. What you’ll want is the Freelancer’s Divining Rod and Dungeon Master, as well as the Astrologian’s Precognition and Merchant’s More Money.

The Freelancer’s abilities help you when exploring, such as by revealing the number of chests and hidden items left to find or by negating dungeon traps and terrains. Meanwhile, Precognition prevents enemies from getting the jump on you and More Money does exactly what it says!

Since these abilities are generally wasted on bosses (with the exception of More Money), you may want to unequip them before a boss battle so you’ve got space for additional combat-based abilities.

Part-Time Spellcrafter

Wizards are cool, but their Spirit Magic is honestly a bit weak. To make the most of their amazing Spellcraft ability, you should assign the Wizard another magic-based jobs as a secondary job or give the Wizard’s Spellcraft ability to another magic-based job.

For example, Spellcraft Mist and Blast can make spells affect the whole party, which is amazing for buffing your party with Astral Magic or healing your party with Holy or White Magic. Meanwhile, offensive spells such as Black Magic can benefit from Rain, etc.

All-Purpose Attacker

This build focuses on the two new amazing physical jobs introduced in Bravely Second: the Fencer and Hawkeye. Simply put a character in the Fencer job and assign Hawkeye as a secondary job.

Fencers are great because they can inflict good damage and buff themselves at the same time by alternating between Wolf Fang and Goring Aurochs. Hawkeyes, meanwhile, have a variety of effects that benefit physical attackers like elemental damage and the means to pierce defence and Default.

BP Farmer

Each of your party members needs to equip the Red Mage’s BP Recovery and ideally should be in jobs with low Mind. One character should be a Patissier with Status Ailment Amp and Items For All–or in a high Intelligence job with Patissier assigned as a secondary job.

What you can do is have your Patissier make a Poison Pastry three times for your party, then finish with a Remedy or the White Mage’s Esunaga. Each time your characters get poisoned, they gain 1 BP, so you can effectively give three characters 3 BP, which is enough to Brave three times each turn.

Crazy Ranger

If you’re looking for an easy and mindless way to grind, this is for you. All party members should have Ranger assigned as a primary or secondary job and the Red Mage’s BP Recovery equipped. They should also be geared up for Physical Attack.

Start by using Berserk on all characters; this will maximise their Physical Attack and make them attack a random foe with a normal attack. Berserk will also trigger BP Recovery, boosting the character’s BP by 1. So long as your party can take out the enemy with 4 attacks, you can chain forever.

Counter-attacking Ninja

A golden oldie and the perfect remedy for most physical bosses. You’ll need a Ninja with Transcience, possibly Comeback Kid, the Red Mage’s Turn Tables and the Swordmaster’s Counter Amp. Begin by using Utsusemi, which guarantees evasion of one physical hit.

When your Ninja gets attacked by a physical foe, they will gain 1 BP and if the attack was single-target, they will retaliate with a powerful counter-attack. On the following turn, you’ll have one more BP allowing you to use Utsusemi again and an additional move.

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