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Side: Time Mage vs Dark Knight (Part 2)

Vincent Lau

Engine Room Core

You will reach here from the elevator in the north-east corner of Floor B27 after disengaging both locks. Down below, you’ve got a teensy bit more exploration to do before the usual confrontation. Start by heading through the right-side path to the south.

Pick up the Ether from the chest, then follow the left-side path. When you reach the south-east corner, run directly south into the corner to discover a hidden passage. From here, follow the unseen trail west to discover a Raikiri , a powerful katana that can negate lightning damage.

Back on the visible path, follow the corridor all the way west, then north after turning the corner. Keep on going north to find some Monoceros Flakes hiding in the north-west corner. Finally, follow the southward path to meet up with the Adventurer before the exit.

As soon as you approach the elderly pair, a series of cutscenes will trigger, ending in a choice between Alternis or Khamer the Time Mage. Whoever you don’t side with will naturally respond with great anger and force, which is of course a clever excuse to borrow their job asterisk.

Boss: Alternis Dim

Boss Level HP Weakness
Alternis 48 50000 Nothing
Dark Squire x2 46 6900 Lightning

Before anything, prepare for some inevitable deaths by stocking up on Phoenix Downs, X-Potions and MP recovery items for resurrection spells. Also, remove Damage Dispersion from everyone in your party!

The Dark Knight uses Black Bane to inflict major dark damage to your party or Dark Bane to do the same to one. To reduce the pain, you can equip everyone with Dark Charms from Sagitta village or cast Elemental Ward Blast/Mist. Preferably the former so you have more flexibility.

His minions, the Dark Squires use Minus Strike like their superior. This nasty move deals damage equal to the user’s lost HP. Since the squires have a lot more HP than your characters, if they’ve taken a hit or two, they can easily one-shot your characters.

To avoid Minus Strike, focus on KOing the Dark Squires before they have a chance to retaliate or simply leave them undamaged. Since the Dark Knight doesn’t bother to summon more squires, we strongly recommend the first solution.

As you pile on the pain, note that Alternis’s offensive and defensive stats will slowly increase. After his HP falls roughly below a third, he will often use Minus Strike for a nigh guaranteed OHKO. During this time, save up BP so you can quickly resurrect fallen characters.

If may help to have a Patissier cook up a Ghastly Ganache (Genoise + Amande) for your healer to turn them into a ghost. That way, they can heal without fear of death. You can use Harvest in many places to find these ingredients, most notably Miasma Woods.

Or if you have a high level Ninja, you can use Utsusemi to avoid Minus Strike. Otherwise, you can carefully monitor Alternis’s health and Brave the maximum amount of times near the end to finish him off before he can let loose a single Minus Strike. All’s fair in war!

Boss: Eloch Quentis Khamer

Boss Level HP Weakness
Khamer 48 45000 Nothing
Khamer Footman x2 46 6900 Lightning

This battle is much easier than the Dark Knight, but you still need to exercise caution. The former king of Ancheim casts Comet to deal random non-elemental hits to one or Quara to pummel the party with earth magic. Fight back by buffing your party’s magical defence.

Khamer’s also fond of casting Stop to freeze a character in their tracks. Thankfully, Stop doesn’t last that long compared to other ailments, but it’s a nuisance all the same. Boost your characters’ Mind to stave it off or cure it with the Exorcist’s Purgation.

Alternatively, you can have an Astrologian cast Magic Mirror Blast to give the Magic Reflect property to your party. This will bounce back Stop and Quara, but not Comet. If you choose this route, stock up on healing items and use Halfsies to heal your party.

His footmen have a variety of tricks too. They can use Strong Strike to try and deal heavy damage to one character, Prey on Weak to damage the character with the lowest HP or Eye Gouge to hurt one and cause blind. Quickly remove them from the battlefield with lightning-based attacks.

When it’s time to beat up Khamer, physical moves work best since Khamer has impressive magical defence. To send Khamer packing in record time, have your Pirate drop his physical defence or your Performer boost your party’s physical attack.

After Khamer’s HP drops below a third (give or take), he will Default and cast Quara and Stop on the next turn. If you have Magic Mirror, this part’s easy . Otherwise, Default the turn after Khamer does and have your Hawkeye use Condor to pierce Default if you can.


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