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Bravely Second: End Layer

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Norende Ravine

Vincent Lau

A Stroll in the Night

Bravely veterans probably won’t require any directions. However, if you’re new or you’ve simply forgotten, travel north-west from Caldisla city. It won’t be long before you spot a cave along the mountains across the bridge–this is the way into Norende Ravine.

Before going inside, ensure you’ve done everything you need to do and that your characters are fully prepared for battle. While the ravine itself poses little threat, at the end lies a tricky boss fight and, beyond, the final dungeon of the game.


This is the first dungeon from Bravely Default, if you can even call it that. All you need to is simply keep heading west, looting any treasure chests along the way. The monsters here are nothing special–just the same old Kobolds that you fought countless times at Lontano Villa.

As you’re about to leave the first area, the path will branch. Follow the upper path to the next area to reach a chest containing a Turbo Ether . Next, go back and head along the lower path. Before the exit, there’s a chest with a X-Potion to the south.

Climb and Vista

The next area–the Climb–is even more straightforward. You don’t even need to think: just carry on west. Eventually, you’ll arrive at the Vista. Here, rest up and save your game with the Adventurer in preparation for the boss ahead. Beyond, head for the far end of the Peak to surprise Anne.

Boss: Anne Ultimate

Level HP Weakness
67 150,000 Fire, Bug

In her true form, Anne has plenty of tricks. First, she can use Fragmentation to deal physical damage to one or Dark Flare to inflict dark magic on the party. She may also use Fairy’s Flight to trigger Vortex on the next turn, which deals random wind damage to the party.

Things get nasty when she uses Undermine, which reduces a character’s maximum HP to 1. Having 1 HP is not good, but thankfully you can fix it with the Exorcist’s Undo HP. For best results, the character using Undo HP should be really speedy–like a Ninja–to act before Anne does.

Later, Anne may use Acedia to dispel your party’s buffs and make them weak to all elements. This will make Vortex and Dark Flare hurt a lot more, so be wary. Give your healer the Dark Shield to negate dark damage and gear everyone for maximum magical defence.

At the start, you can cast Elemental Barrier Blast or Mist on your party to counteract Acedia. This helps especially when Anne uses Fairy’s Flight and Undermine consecutively, causing Vortex to trigger after dropping a character to 1 HP, resulting in a nigh guaranteed KO.

After Anne drops below half HP, she’ll start to Default, before unleashing Acedia and Dark Flare on the next turn. This means you can’t rely on buffs or Elemental Barrier to survive Dark Flare. But naturally high Magic Defence and elemental immunity are fair game.

When it’s time for you to attack, Anne has lower physical defence than magical, so stick to physical attacks. In addition, she has many weaknesses that you can target–fire and bug primarily, but also humanoid if you have the Doujiri-Yasutsuna or Ripper weapons.

You could combine the Astrologian’s Limit Break (to double the maximum value of your buffs) and the Fencer’s Bloody Wolf (to maximise your physical attack) with fire-based attacks to slice off massive chunks of Anne’s HP with minimal effort.

Bravely Second - Anne Ultimate Boss Strategy

How to defeat the pesky fairy Anne Ultimate once and for all! - Bring an Exorcist to this fight or have it as your secondary skill set. Undo HP and Action can make things much easier. - Fragmentation does physical damage and Dark Flare, as the name suggests, inflicts dark magic on the whole party. - High elemental defense is a must for this fight since she pummels you with elemental attacks. Give healer a Dark Shield if you have one. Astrologian's Elemental Barrier Mist/Blast can help in the first phase though Defaulting until you have some Undo Action's cast may be a better option. - Fairy's Flight will trigger the powerful wind attack Vortex on the next turn so beware. - Anne is weak to physical damage as well as Fire damage. Bloody Wolf to maximise physical damage combined with the Hawkeye's Fire Warhead works well. - Anne will use Undermine to reduce a character's max HP to 1 but you can fix this with Undo HP. The character with this needs to be speedy to act before Anne so a Ninja is perfect. - Anne will start to Default as her health drops below 50%. She will then use Acedia which dispels all buffs and then Dark Flare in succession to hit your party for huge damage. This is where your elemental defense is a must. If you can, store up some BP as she drops below half then unleash your most powerful physical attacks to finish her off before she can do too much damage to your party. . For more details, check out our guide at http://www.gamerguides.com/bravely-second/information

Help from Beyond

After succeeding in clipping Anne’s wings, there’s one more thing you need to do. Our heroes desperately need to reach the Celestial Realm to stop Anne’s master, but the path via the Great Chasm is currently blocked. When prompted, repeatedly press the X button to lend a hand.

You did it! The path to the Celestial Realm is open! Afterwards, step forth onto the magic circle to be transported inside. Before you go in, don’t forget to take a good, close look at the Celestial Realm beyond the Great Chasm… Hang on, isn’t that…?


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