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Bravely Second: End Layer


Vincent Lau

This new job is a bit like Bravely Default’s Salve-Maker, but specialises in weakening foes. Stat-wise, it’s fairly competent all-round, with an affinity for daggers. The main reason to use it is to support your team-mates… and gently send them to the afterlife.

Before you got the Patissier, you’ll have experienced what being a ghost is like. By feeding an ally a Ghostly Ganache, you can make them into a ghost, which prevents them from being attacked and performing physical actions, but allows them to continue casting magic.

Specialty: Prolong Enfeeble

The user’s stat-reduction effects last twice as long.

The game’s description is a bit vague, but Prolong Enfeeble only works with effects that reduce an enemy’s stats (eg. Physical Attack). Not things like making them weak to elements or status ailments. Still, it’s a great ability to have for a Patissier.

Level 1: Bon Appetit

Type Cost
Command None

Combine two confectionary items to apply a weakening effect (element weakening, status ailment or stat-reduction) to an enemy.

As with the Catmancer, Bon Appetit requires some effort to use. But by the time you acquire Patissier, you may have upgraded Fort-Lune enough to buy most confectionary items and money shouldn’t be a big problem.

The element weakening effects are great for foes without weaknesses or if you need to force a specific weakness, but generally unnecessary since you can just target their natural weakness. Ailments typically don’t work on bosses, but are fine for delaying mobs.

So although they’re slightly unexciting, stat reductions are the best of the lot, especially when combined with Prolong Enfeeble. For dealing with enemies at least.

However the real reason you want Patissier is to use their Ghostly Ganache to turn your party members into invincible ghosts mages. To top it off, you can give your ghosts the Red Mage’s MP Free in a Pinch and the Wizard’s Full Charge for zero MP consumption and double damage.

Of course, since ghosts are dead, you can’t have a full party of ghosts or you get a Game Over. Instead, you’ll want three ghosts and one other character, preferably a tank since they’ll be the sole target of the enemy’s attacks.

Level 2: Harvest

Type Cost
Command None

Obtain a random confectionary item. The item(s) available depend on the location.

A free and easy way of gathering confectionary items. Generally not worth the hassle, except early on when you don’t have access to the necessary ingredients from the Adventurer’s Shop or you’re stingy/low on funds.

Level 3: Flambe

Type Cost
Command None

Unleash a fire-based attack that deals more damage to foes with high BP (up to 2 times more).

A cheap way of punishing enemies that try to save up BP. Can also be used to stop enemy mobs that have scored a Brave Attack.

Level 4: Decoration

Type Cost
Command None

Increase a selected ally’s chance of being targeted by enemies to the highest level for 10 turns.

Can be used for taking the heat off your Patissier or fragile allies. Works well with abilities that trigger counter-attacks or require getting hit by enemies.

Level 5: Status Ailment Amp

Type Cost
Support 1 slot

Chance of inflicting status ailments increases by 25%.

A no-brainer if you’re trying to inflict ailments. Also works with the Astrologian’s Lucky Day. By the way, when you’re trying to make party members ghosts, you should equip this since ghost is an ailment and therefore there’s a chance of it failing.

Level 6: Glace

Type Cost
Support 1 slot

Doubles the effect of consumable items that restore HP and MP.

Essential if you rely on items in any measure. During battle, it only works for the user, but outside of battles, it works for all items as long as somebody has it equipped.

Level 7: Digestion

Type Cost
Command 8 MP

Cancel ghost state and stat increases for all party members.

There are two main reasons to use this. One, when you don’t need an all-ghost party for whatever reason and you want to quickly restore everyone. Two, you can use it on enemy parties to nullify all boosts to stats, but not reductions to stats.

Level 8: Prolong Enfeeble

Type Cost
Support 1 slot

The user’s stat-reduction effects last twice as long.

A worthy investment if you’re not a Patissier, but still like reducing enemy stats. For example, a Pirate would love this.

Level 9: Items for All

Type Cost
Support 1 slot

Consumable items and effects from Bon Appetit will affect the entire party (allies or enemies). Some items will not be affected.

Patissier is the gift that keeps giving. Now you can do all kinds of crazy things like give everyone a Phoenix Down or weaken all foes at the same time. Just, er, don’t make the mistake of feeding a Ghostly Ganache to your entire party!

Level 10: Critical Hitter

Type Cost
Support 1 slot

Spells and attack items used by the user have a 25% chance of scoring a critical hit, doubling damage or recovery effects.

Interesting… but not really worth it because of its unreliableness. You can power up offensive spells with the Wizard’s Full Charge instead, while Benediction with the White Mage’s Group-Cast Master will heal your entire party to full health.

Level 11: Piestorm

Type Cost
Command None

Throw four pies, each lowering a different stat (Physical Attack, Physical Defence, Magic Attack and Magic Defence) by 25% for 4 turns, at random targets. The lower limit for stats is 75%.

This move sounds bonkers, but is actually pretty effective. Against bosses, who usually fight alone, this weakens four key stats for 8 turns (with Prolong Enfeeble) for no cost.

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