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Bravely Second: End Layer


Vincent Lau

Catmancy abilities can be learned from enemies so long as you have at least one character in the Catmancer job (or with the Catmancer’s Learning ability) in your party. To actually learn an ability, the ability must be used on your party–this is important as enemies won’t normally use supportive abilities on you.

After acquiring a Catmancy ability, you can use it via the Catmancy option at the top of the Catmancer’s command abilities. Each ability expends a specific cat food item, which can be purchased from the Adventurer’s Shop or obtained via other means.

001: Blood Leech

Chapter 4 and earlier Chapter 5 and later
Bullet Ant (Harena Sea Caves) Shooterbug (Harena Sea Caves) Bullet Ant (Dimension’s Cauldron) Shooterbug (Dimension’s Hollow)

Deals 1 times damage to an enemy and restores HP equal to the damage dealt. If the foe is an undead, the user loses HP instead. Requires Beast Flesh.

Similar to the Thief’s Steal Breath. An easy and effective way to damage foes and restore your Catmancer’s HP at the same time, which you can obtain from the very beginning.

002: Spirit Leech

Chapter 4 and earlier Chapter 5 and later
Shooterbug (Harena Sea Caves) Cask Paraponera (Harena region) Shooterbug (Dimension’s Hollow)

Deals 0.1 times MP damage to an enemy and restores MP equal to the damage dealt. If used on undead foes, the character loses MP instead. Requires Roc Filet.

Just like the Thief’s Steal Mind. A cheap way to recover MP if you can inflict decent damage. While the Catmancer isn’t a MP-intensive job, it’s useful if you frequently use offensive abilities from other jobs.

003: Chomp

Chapter 4 and earlier Chapter 5 and later
Valtora (Eisen region) Valtora (Dimension’s Hollow)

Has a 50% chance of reducing an enemy’s HP to 1. Doesn’t work on bosses or similar foes. Requires Beast Flesh.

Generally too unreliable to use, but an interesting way to instantly drop enemies regardless of your character’s stats.

004: Perforator

Chapter 4 and earlier Chapter 5 and later
Iron Man (II) A-Type (Grand Mill Works) Iron Man (II) A-Type (Dimension’s Keep)

Deals 8 hits on an enemy, each inflicting 0.15 damage, and decreases the enemy’s Physical Defence by 25% for 4 turns. Requires Cat Feather.

If you do the maths, this attack does 1.2 times damage overall. Early on, it’s a good way to lower a foe’s Physical Defence so your physical attackers–the Catmancer included–have an easier time.

005: Mass Attack

Chapter 4 and earlier Chapter 5 and later
Bone Knight (Grapp Keep) Bone Knight (Dimension’s Cauldron) Orc Lord (Eisen region)

All party members with less than 20% HP attack random enemies. Allies who join in can still perform other actions that turn. Requires Roc Filet.

Too unreliable to use normally, but can be abused by purposely dropping your party to less than 20% HP. If everyone uses Mass Attack four times each, you can achieve more attacks than you can probably count.

006: Wing Scales

Chapter 4 and earlier Chapter 5 and later
Great Moth (Miasma Woods) Poison Moth (Florem region) Great Moth (Dimension’s Hollow) Poison Moth (Dimension’s Hollow)

Deal 0.5 times damage to an enemy with a 75% chance to cause confuse. Requires Leviathan Sashimi.

A funny way of disrupting enemy mobs, but keep in mind that attacking an confused foe will return it to its senses. Also useful for learning the White Wind and Panzerlied abilities.

007: White Wind

Chapter 4 and earlier Chapter 5 and later
Aero Lantern (Harena Sea Caves) Aqua Lantern (Twilight Ruins) Aero Lantern (Dimension’s Hollow) Aqua Lantern (Dimension’s Cauldron)

Restores the party’s HP by an amount equal to the user’s current HP. Requires Cat Feather.

Allows your Catmancer to function as a healer of sorts. So long as your Catmancer’s HP is full, this is a very powerful healing ability. Also good for tanky types who don’t normally take much (or any) damage.

To learn it, you’ll have to inflict charm or confuse on an Aero Lantern or Aqua Lantern (or use Possession). Early on, you can use Wing Scales (which we just covered) to confuse. If that’s too random, you can wait till you acquire the Patissier job and use Charm Cheesecake.

008: Panzerlied

Chapter 4 and earlier Chapter 5 and later
Iron Man (II) B-Type (Grand Mill Works) Iron Man (II) B-Type (Dimension’s Keep)

Increases the party’s Physical Attack by 25% for four turns. Requires Dragon Steak.

A really good buffing ability, especially during earlygame where your only option is the Astrologian’s single-target Physical Boon. However learning this ability can be headache and a half as you need to confuse the Iron Man or use the Guardian’s Possession.

009: Book Burning

Chapter 4 and earlier Chapter 5 and later
Flare Lantern (Eisen region) Flare Lantern (Dimension’s Hollow)

A fire-based magical attack on all foes. Has a 50% chance of causing silence. Cannot be reflected. Requires Rare Cheese.

This move is the bane of spell-casters. Perfect for terrorising any imperial mages you come across or other foes that can cast magic.

010: Spray

Chapter 4 and earlier Chapter 5 and later
Deathfish (shallow seas) Remora (Engine Room) Deathfish (Dimenion’s Hollow) Remora (Dimenion’s Hollow) Marine Devil (high seas)

Deals 1 times water-based damage to an enemy, while ignoring the Default state. Requires Dried Remora.

Abilities that negate Default are always great to have, plus this can be used to deal extra damage to foes weak to water. Good to have until you acquire the Hawkeye job, which has the ability to add the Default-piercing effect on the fly.

011: Sonic Boom

Chapter 4 and earlier Chapter 5 and later
Anzu (Ba’al Crater) Chimera (Old Sagitta) Anzu (Dimension’s Cauldron) Chimera (Dimension’s Cauldron)

Deals 1 times damage to one enemy, while ignoring their Physical Defence. Requires Monoceros Flakes.

A versatile way of dealing with bulky enemies. Again, it’s great until you acquire the Hawkeye job, but still useful to pull out every now and then.

012: Rock Storm

Chapter 4 and earlier Chapter 5 and later
N/A Megascolides (outside Gathelatio)

An earth-based attack on all foes that deals 1 times damage. Requires Tender Victuals.

A cheap group-based attack that can allow your Catmancer to sweep away mobs. Its damage can be passively boosted by wearing the Gaia Gear that you hopefully picked up earlier from Old Sagitta.

013: Stardust

Chapter 4 and earlier Chapter 5 and later
N/A Regulus (Eisen region)

A powerful light-based magical attack on all foes. Cannot be reflected. Requires Catnip.

This attack is comparable in strength to typical Summon Magic, making it a powerful attack to use. Catnip costs 1000 pg a pop, which is equivalent to two lots of Summon Magic, so it’s expensive to use. That said, pg shouldn’t be a concern by the time this ability is available.

Sadly, since Stardust isn’t standard magic, it cannot be used in conjunction with Spellcraft, which limits its usefulness somewhat. Can be passively enhanced by the Luminous Robe.

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