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Vincent Lau

The Valkyrie is a spear-wieding warrior who beats down opponents with powerful group-based hits and assaults from the air. It has good all-round physical stats and high armour aptitudes, so it can deal decent damage and tanks hits well.

In Bravely Default, Valkyrie was a competent mid-game job, so it’s role here isn’t that different, despite arriving a bit later. Back then, it was also the choice job for handling many of the super bosses, but without Hasten World to passively supply endless BP, it’s not as useful.

Specialty: Soul Mates

Each time an ally gets KO’d, the user’s Physical Attack and Magical Atack each increase by 25% for five turns (up to 150%).

KOs are things you should be aiming to avoid around this stage of the game, but as a free ability, this isn’t a bad way to get revenge for a fallen ally.

Level 1: Crescent Moon

Type Cost
Command 1 BP

Deal 1 times damage to all enemies.

A pretty nifty move for damaging enemy mobs. Because of the overall BP cost (which is equivalent to two turns), you should use this attack when there are at least 2 enemies, otherwise the damage isn’t worth it.

Level 2: Jump

Type Cost
Command 1 BP

The user jumps off the screen at the end of the turn. On the next turn, they land and deal 2 times damage to one foe. Damage is improved by 50% if a spear is equipped.

This move is best used with a spear so you can pull off 3 times damage for the cost of spending two turns. Regardless, it can also be used to avoid damage on the second turn, but only if your Valkyrie is slow.

Level 3: Spear Lore

Type Cost
Support 1 slot

Increases the user’s spear proficiency to S.

Spears aren’t bad weapons and they deal more damage when hitting multiple foes at the same time. Might be useful with a Hawkeye or other physical job that frequently uses group-based attacks.

Level 4: Spirit Barrier

Type Cost
Command 10 MP

For 10 turns, any damage to the user is converted to 10% MP damage instead (unless the user’s MP runs out).

This effectively gives the Valkyrie another HP bar, albeit a slightly smaller one. Could be used to exploit abilities that rely on the character having low HP.

Level 5: Soul Mates

Type Cost
Support 1 slot

Each time an ally gets KO’d, the user’s Physical Attack and Magical Atack each increase by 25% for five turns (up to 150%).

The cost is cheap, but as mentioned earlier, you should be capable of minimising KOs. Besides, if you need a buff, that’s what Astral Magic is for. Or you could wait a while to get the Performer job.

Soul Crush

Type Cost
Command 16 MP

Reduce an enemy’s MP by 10% of the damage dealt by a normal attack.

Honestly, there’s almost no reason to reduce an enemy’s MP. Most bosses have high MP and by the time you deplete it, you probably could’ve defeated them. Worth a go if you’re bored out of your mind though!

Level 7: Pierce Default

Type Cost
Support 1 slot

Attacks by the user will ignore the enemy’s Default state.

Fantastic against sturdy foes who routinely Default to deflect your hits. There’s also the Hawkeye’s Condor, but that requires a turn to set up, while moves that pierce Default (like the Catmancer’s Spray) prevent you from using other potentially stronger moves.

Level 8: High Jump

Type Cost
Command 2 BP

The user jumps off the screen. On the next turn, they land and deal 3 times damage to one foe. Damage is improved by 50% if a spear is equipped.

This is far better than Jump, since you can jump at the start of the turn if you’re fast enough, allowing your Valkyrie to potentially avoid all damage. The cost is steep though and you’ll need to regularly feed your Valkyrie BP to continuously use it.

Level 9: BP Skill Amp

Type Cost
Support 1 slot

Abilities that cost BP to use have their BP cost increased by 1 and damage increased by 1.5 times.

The stronger the attack, the more efficient this ability is because of the damage multiplier. For example, High Jump will cost 3 BP, but now inflict 6 times damage. How effective this ability is depends on how much BP you can afford to spend and/or how quickly you can amass BP.

Level 10: Super Jump

Type Cost
Command 3 BP

The user jumps off the screen. Two turns later, they land and deal 2 times damage to all foes. Damage is improved by 50% if a spear is equipped.

A combination of High Jump and Crescent Moon. Expensive, but a great way of decimating enemy mobs. Best when the whole party uses it in conjunction with BP Skill Amp.

Level 11: Quickening

Type Cost
Support 1 slot

The time delay between the the execution of Jump, High Jump and Super Jump is reduced by 1 turn.

Obviously, for Super Jump, your Valkyrie will land one turn later instead of two turns later. For Jump and High Jump, your Valkyrie will land and damage the foe on the same turn they jumped. Good if you want to attack earlier, but it indirectly amplifies the BP cost by 1.


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