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Bravely Second: End Layer

Via Celestio (Part 2)

Vincent Lau

Phase III

Are we there yet? Nope, you’ve got three more phases to clear, including this one. If you running low on HP or MP, consider equipping the Exorcist’s Steady MP Recover ability or switching to a Kaiser to make use of Cerberus. You can even steal MP using the Thief’s Steal Mind.

Once you’re itching to go, start by heading all the east to pick up a Bomb Arm from the floor. Next, follow the northward path that you passed by moments earlier. Eventually, towards the east side, the path will branch off to the north and the south.

Go south first to retrieve an Arctic Wind from the chest in the corner. After that, make your way north, then turn left at the next junction. Ignore the yellow teleporter and carry on south under the overpass for a chest containing a sturdy Crystal Helm .

After using the teleporter, you’ll be transported near the south. Follow the path in a north-westerly direction and keep to the left at the junction ahead. Hop into the yellow teleport beyond to properl yourself to the far east. Here, open the chest for an Ama-no-Kagoyumi .

Backtrack to the previous junction and keep to the right this time. As you go under the central overpass, head east for a semi-hidden chest that contains a Vajra . This staff powers up lightning-based moves, which is pretty nice. From here, continue north, then hurry west.

As you approach the north-west corner, keep to the upper path to close in on a chest with a Soul of Thamasa inside. Just in case you haven’t stolen a dozen from the Walpurgis enemies. Finally, go along the lower path to reach the teleporter to Phase IV.

Phase IV

By now you should be settling into the dungeon. There are no new monsters on this floor, just new combinations or simply more of them. Anyway, head south to begin with. At the western end of the path, slightly out of sight, is a chest with a Pantheon’s Wrath inside.

Next, make your way west from the entrance, then jump into the teleporter down the steps below. You’ll emerge in the north-west corner, your position probably obscured by the orange exclamation mark on the bottom screen. First, head east where a chest with a Tengu Sneeze awaits.

After that, follow the path south from the teleporter, stopping after a few paces to head east. At the next junction, go along the upper path to reach a second teleporter. Beyond, follow the straight path west to discover a chest containing a Yatagarasu .

Back at the west junction, follow the lower path. After going down the steps, head all the way east. At the end of the path, hidden behind the southern overpass, is a chest with a mighty Durandal inside. Next, go up the steps to the right of the previous steps.

Up on higher ground, follow the eastward path to arrive at a chest that’s hiding a glorious Brave Suit . This nifty piece of armour gives a character 1 BP at the start of battle, which can be useful. Finally, go back and take the southward path you skipped by to reach a third teleporter.

On the other side, you’ll be near the west. Here, there’s a chest slightly obscured from view towards the far west–inside is a Ogre’s Club . Meanwhile, the teleporter to Phase V is located north-west from the teleporter. If it’s hard to see the path, use the bottom screen map to guide you.

Phase V

This is the final phase, in terms of exploration and smiting monsters. Start by heading west, then go north when the path beckons you. As you reach the middle of the area, turn left for a chest that’s slightly hidden by a floating table–inside is a Barrier Shroud .

From there, continue north to the creepy floating table at the end. Here, you have to make a choice of which path to follow–east or west. Head west first and use the teleporter above the Barrier Shroud chest. You’ll appear towards the north-east. Follow the path south and around.

Towards the east is a chest containing an Earthbreaker . Return to the northern junction and go east. Ignore the teleporter for a second and carry on south-east. At the end of the path, partially obscured by the eastern overpass is a chest with a legendary Gungnir inside.

After using the teleporter you’ll be taken to the north-west corner. Head all the way south to find a chest in the opposite corner–inside is a pair of Hyper Bracers . Y’know, in case you haven’t stolen a trillion from the Bahamut Knights.

Next, go back a few paces so you’re halfway along the western lower path. Just under the steps leading up to the overpass is a path going east under the overpass. At the end of this short path is an obscured chest containing an Excalibur II . Because the original Excalibur wasn’t powerful enough(!)

Afterwards, go up the steps and travel in a south-easterly direction across the overpass. Leap into the third teleporter and let it take you a short distance east. When you rematerialise, go west to become acquainted with a lonely chest containing an elusive Crystal Mail .

Finally, travel east to reach the final teleporter, which will take you to the area before the final boss.

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