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Bravely Second: End Layer

Bon Appetit

Vincent Lau

Bon Appetit abilities can be used by characters who have Patissier assigned as a primary or secondary job. Similar to Catmancy and Cat Mastery abilities, Bon Appetit abilities require confectionary items, which can be purchased from the Adventurer’s shop or gotten via other means.

However, unlike those abilities, all Bon Appetit abilities are available from the start and don’t require any extra effort. Normally, Bon Appetit abilities affect a single target, but if the user has the Patissier’s Items for All ability equipped, they will affect all members of a party.

Status Afflicting

Confection Effect Requires
Poison Pastry 75% chance to inflict poison Genoise + Chantilly
Blinding Biscuit 75% chance to inflict blind Genoise + Streusel
Silencing Souffle 75% chance to inflict silence Genoise + Zeste
Slumber Slice 75% chance to inflict sleep Genoise + Nappage
Paralysis Pie 75% chance to inflict paralyse Genoise + Vanille
Terror Truffle 75% chance to inflict dread Genoise + Cannelle
Berserker Bundt 100% chance to inflict berserk Genoise + Fraise
Crazy Cupcake 75% chance to inflict confuse Genoise + Chocolat
Charm Cheesecake 75% chance to inflict charm Genoise + Bombe
Lethal Layer Cake 50% chance to inflict death Genoise + Anglaise
Ghostly Ganache 50% chance to inflict ghost Genoise + Amande

These desserts are perfect for crippling foes, but don’t expect them to work on bosses as most are immune to or resist ailments. Ghostly Ganache is the best of the bunch, as you can use it to turn your own characters into ghosts who are literally invincible.

Elemental Weakening

Confection Effect Requires
Flaming Fondant Add weakness to fire for 4 turns Biscuit + Chantilly
Ice Cream Cake Add weakness to water for 4 turns Biscuit + Streusel
Thunder Tart Add weakness to lightning for 4 turns Biscuit + Nappage
Gusty Genoise Add weakness to wind for 4 turns Biscuit + Zeste
Soil Spicecake Add weakness to earth for 4 turns Biscuit + Vanille
Bright Blondie Add weakness to light for 4 turns Biscuit + Cannelle
Devil’s Food Cake Add weakness to dark for 4 turns Biscuit + Fraise

The majority of foes have at least one elemental weakness, so these aren’t usually necessarily. However they are still useful if you don’t have a matching spell or attack or if you want to force a particular weakness for a some reason.


Confection Effect Requires
Wilting Winecake Lower Physical Attack by 50% for four turns Feuilletage + Chantilly
Fool’s Fruitcake Lower Magic Attack by 50% for four turns Feuilletage + Chocolat
Soft Spongecake Lower Physical Defence by 50% for four turns Feuilletage + Bombe
Upside-Down Cake Lower Magic Defence by 50% for four turns Feuilletage + Anglaise
Fat Rascal Lower Speed by 50% for four turns Feuilletage + Amande

The lowest a stat can be reduced to is 75%. Each of these are fantastic options to cripple bosses, reducing the damage they deal to you, etc. Even better, with the Patissier’s Prolong Enfeeble, the reduction to stats will last twice as long (up to eight turns).

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