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The Crest Merchant

Nathan Garvin

Information about the Crest Merchant in Diablo Immortal, including how to unlock the Crest Merchant and details about the services the Crest Merchant provides. What are Crests, and how to use them?

Where to Find the Crest Merchant

You’ll find Jondo Mouren - the Crest Merchant - in Westmarch, standing near the raised platform that holds the entrances to Elder Rifts and Challenge Rifts. This is fitting, because you’ll need the Crests the Crest Merchant sells to access Elder Rifts.

To get to Westmarch, progress the main questline until you encounter Lethes following the [Mad King’s Breach] dungeon. After that you’ll make your way to Westmarch you’ll have to complete the main quest objectives “Legends of Eld” and “Braving the Rift”, the former of which will introduce you to the Crest Merchant (who will spot you your first few Crests, including a Legendary Crest) and the latter of which will take you into your first Elder Rift and serve as a tutorial for the activity. This will ultimately result in you obtaining your first Legendary Gem, as well.

(1 of 2) The Crest Merchant will spot you your first few Crests,

The Crest Merchant will spot you your first few Crests, (left), which you can use to empower the Elder Rift. (right)

What Are Elder Rift Crests?

The entire purpose of the Crest Merchant is to sell you Legendary Crests, which can only be purchased by expending Eternal Orbs. While Legendary Crests can be obtained at a glacial pace as drops or rewards, you’re heavily incentivized to purchase the game’s premium currency to buy Legendary Crests. It’s an arduous grind to get even a single 5-Star Legendary Gem, and without spending money on Legendary Crests you’re probably not going to be competitive with players who do.

To open the portal to an Elder Rift, you’ll need choose whether you want to empower it using Crests. These come in three flavors - Rare Crests, Legendary Crest and Eternal LegendaryCrests, and not only do they open the Elder Rift, they affect the course of gameplay inside. Rare and Legendary Crests (both types) will both add modifiers to the Elder Rift they empower, with Legendary Crests adding more modifiers than Rare Crests. These can be negative or positive, and the more Crests used and the higher quality the Crests, the more modifiers in play. This randomness typically works against you, and it’s fair to generally correlate more modifiers with higher difficulty, but more, rarer Crests also means you’ll obtain better rewards for clearing Elder Rifts.

  • If you do not use a Crest to empower an Elder Rift you’re only guaranteed to obtain Fading Essences when you clear the Elder Rift. These can be traded to the Fading Essence and Runes Merchant for FA runes, which in turn can be used to craft (gamble) random Legendary Gems… although it takes quite a lot of Elder Rift runs to get enough Faded Essences.

  • Rare Crests increase your chance of scoring rare and legendary gear, gives you a minute chance of obtaining a Legendary Gem (5%), and ensures you obtain Runes along with the standard Fading Essences. You can earn Rare Crests by visiting the Elder Rift Entrance every day, or by ranking up your Battle Pass.

  • Legendary Crests do everything a Rare Crest does, as well as guarantee a Legendary Gem drops. 1-Star Legendary Gems have a 75~% chance to drop, 2-Star Legendary Gems have a 20~% chance to drop and 5-Star Legendary Gems have a 4.5% Chance to drop. When a 5-Star Legendary Gem drops, its quality will be anywhere between 2 Stars and 5 Stars, with a 5/5-Star Legendary Gem being one of the most prohibitively rare and expensive items in the game. You’ll gain one Legendary Crest when you embark on the Elder Rift tutorial, and you can earn a trickle from other sources, like ranking up the Battle Pass or purchasing one per month from the Hilts Trader.

  • Elder Legendary Crests are identical to Legendary Crests, but this versions can only be obtained by expending Eternal Orbs to buy them from the Crest Merchant. The only difference between the two types of Legendary Crests are that these can be traded on the Market, while Legendary Gems otherwise obtained by normal Legendary Crests cannot.

While you can slowly build up your collection of Legendary Gems by sticking to Rare Crests are laboriously doing Crestless Elder Rift runs, you’ll need to use expend Legendary Crests to empwoer Elder Rifts, priming them to drop you Legendary Gems, specifically Elder Rifts where you’ll have a chance to obtain a 5-Star Legendary Gem.

Spending Eternal Orbs at the Crest Merchant is the only way to obtain Eternal Legendary Crests.


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