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What Are Challenge Rifts?

Nathan Garvin

Information about Challenge Rifts in Diablo Immortal, including details about where to find them, how to open them, and how to clear Challenge Rifts.

Challenge Rifts are an activity you can indulge in for various bits of loot, competing to complete as many levels as possible over a set duration to determine your rank. The higher you rank among the community, the better your rewards will be. Even if you don’t particularly care to compete with the rest of the community, clearing a Challenge Rift will earn you various resources, gold, loot and XP in addition to whatever drops from enemies within the Challenge Rift.

Complete higher Rift Level Challenge Rifts to gain better rewards and increase your standing in the community rankings.

How to Start Challenge Rifts

You can access Challenge Rifts via the Challenge Rift Entrance, an odd device on a raised platform in Westmarch. To get here, progress the main questline until you encounter Lethes following the [Mad King’s Breach] dungeon. After that you’ll make your way to Westmarch you’ll have to complete various main quests objectives introducing you to Elder Rifts and Jewelers before you eventually trigger the “Rift of the Elders” objective, which will serve as your tutorial for Challenge Rifts.

Unlike Elder Rifts, you can attempt a Challenge Rift whenever you wish - no need to pay real world money on fancy Crests.

When you start a Challenge Rift you’ll have to select the Rift Level. Challenge Rifts scale relative to your character’s level regardless of the Rift Level, but the higher the Rift Level, the more powerful enemies within a Challenge Rift will be relative to you. The higher the Rift Level is, the more dangerous enemies are, but you’ll also get better rewards for clearing a high Rift Level Challenge Rift, and your standing in the community ranking will increase.

(1 of 2) Defeat enemies in Challenge Rifts,

Defeat enemies in Challenge Rifts, (left), especially unique foes, which will drop Rift Progress Orbs. (right)

How to Complete an Elder Rift

If you’ve played Diablo 3, you know how Rifts work. Enter the Rift and you’ll be committed to seeing it through, win or lose. Your goal inside a Rift is to kill enemies quickly to fill up a “Rift Progress” meter. Doing so will spawn the Rift Guardian, a boss you must then defeat to complete the Rift.

Generally to clear Rifts quickly you’ll want to avoid wasting time with the odd straggler and try to focus on groups of enemies. Unique enemies are especially worthwhile, as when defeated they’ll drop “Rift Progress Orbs”, which fill the Rift Progress bar much faster than killing normal enemies. In addition to the loot you’ll gain for defeating a Rift Guardian, the enemies you slay along the way will also drop treasure, as normal.

(1 of 2) Fill the Rift Progress mete to spawn the Rift Guardian - the boss you must defeat to successfully complete a Challenge Rift.

Fill the Rift Progress mete to spawn the Rift Guardian - the boss you must defeat to successfully complete a Challenge Rift. (left), For defeating the Rift Guardian in a Challenge Rift you'll earn a variety of resources, gold, loot and XP. (right)

After defeating the Rift Guardian, you’ll have 5:00 to deal with whatever unfinished business you have in the Rift before it closes and you’re shunted back to Westmarch. A Blacksmith will conveniently also spawn after the Rift Guardian is defeated… just in case you weren’t attentive enough to your inventory and ended up overburdened.


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