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List of Barbarian Legendary Items in Diablo Immortal

Shane Williams

Information on all 42 Legendary Equipment which are exclusively available to Barbarians in Diablo Immortal.

Best Way To Get Legendaries in Diablo Immortal

Acquiring Legendaries in Diablo is pretty tough if you are F2P (Free To Play), but there are a few ways you can increase the drop rate for them. To begin, complete the main story and reach Level 60 to use the Paragon Point to unlock the harder difficulties which will then give you more opportunities to see Legendaries Drop when farming Elder Rifts, Dungeons and Events!

List of All Main Hand Barbarian Legendary Weapons

Icon Name Description
RagecallerDiabloImmortal.png Ragecaller Hammer of the Ancients is now also electrified, slowing enemy movement by 50% for 2 seconds.
SellenasIronDiabloImmortal.png Sellena’s Iron Leap causes the ground to shake where you land, dealing 492 damage to all enemies in the area over 3 seconds.
RendingBiteDiabloImmortal.png Rending Bite Lacerate now inflicts Bleeding that deals 712 damage over 3 seconds.
StonefallDiabloImmortal.png Stonefall Hammer of the Ancients damage increased by 10%.
SvotsReachDiabloImmortal.png Svot’s Reach Cleave now strikes in a full circle around you.
EagerMaelstromDiabloImmortal.png Eager Maelstrom Whirlwind radius increased, but Whirlwind movement speed decreased.
TheMaddeningDiabloImmortal.png The Maddening Movement speed increased by 15% while Frenzy is at its maximum stacks.

List of All Off Hand Barbarian Legendary Weapons

Icon Name Description
DishonoredBladeDiabloImmortal.png Dishonored Blade Demoralized duration increased by 30%.
BrokenSoulDiabloImmortal.png Broken Soul Wrath of the Berserker now increases Critical Hit Chance instead of Attack Speed.
ObinsManyFingersDiabloImmortal.png Obin’s Many Fingers Chained Spear hurls 2 additional spears.
FleshSplitterDiabloImmortal.png Flesh Splitter Cleave damage increased by 10%.
RazorgripDiabloImmortal.png Razorgrip The range and damage of Hammer of the Ancients can now be increased by charging it up.
TheRememberedDiabloImmortal.png The Remembered Hammer of the Ancients now summons a Spirit of the Ancients who stuns all nearby enemies and then fights beside you for a while.
VirulentFistDiabloImmortal.png Virulent Fist Enemies killed by Cleave will explode, inflicting 220 damage on all nearby enemies.

List of All Barbarian Legendary Heads

Icon Name Description
BestialThreatDiabloImmortal.png Bestial Threat Demoralize is replaced with a terrifying roar that damages all nearby enemies and Immobilizes them.
BattlemastersHelmDiabloImmortal.png Battlemaster’s Helm Demoralize is replaced with a war cry that increases all damage you and nearby allies inflict.
BerserkerSanityDiabloImmortal.png Berserker’s Sanity Wrath of the Berserker now also dispels effects which cause loss of control of your character.
SecondBreathDiabloImmortal.png Second Breath Sprint duration increased by 30%.
LastingHateDiabloImmortal.png Lasting Hate Wrath of the Berserker duration increased by 30%.
WeightedBrowDiabloImmortal.png Weighted Brow Ground Stomp range increased by 20%.
SpiritbreakerDiabloImmortal.png Spiritbreaker Sprint also leaves tornadoes in your path that deal 190 damage to any enemies they strike

List of All Barbarian Legendary Shoulders

Icon Name Description
BrokenGraspDiabloImmortal.png Broken Grasp Sprint also increases your dodge chance by 20%.
AnimalInstinctDiabloImmortal2.png Animal Instinct Leap can now charge up to increase range and damage.
HellsLegacyDiabloImmortal.png Hell’s Legacy Sprint also leaves a trail of flames, dealing 460 damage to enemies over 4 seconds.
HatredsReachDiabloImmortal.png Hatred’s Reach Cleave range increased by 20%.
ShockingChaosDiabloImmortal.png Shocking Chaos Leap is now electrified, Stunning all nearby enemies where you land.
YdamasCycloneDiabloImmortal2.png Ydama’s Cyclone Whirlwind damage increased by 10%.
TheComingStormDiabloImmortal.png The Coming Storm Wrath of the Berserker cooldown decreased by 15%.

List of All Barbarian Legendary Chests

Icon Name Description
CracklefellDiabloImmortal.png Cracklefell Chained Spear now hurls an electrified spear that damages and immobilizes all enemies in its path.
CharredIronDiabloImmortal.png Charred Iron Chained Spear now hurls a flaming spear that damages all enemies in its path and leaves a Burning trail.
DavinsLegacyDiabloImmortal.png Davin’s Legacy Hammer of the Ancients maximum charges increased by 1.
CrusherRigDiabloImmortal.png Crusher Rig Chained Spear now hurls giant rocks, inflicting damage on all enemies in its path.
ImpalersBreathDiabloImmortal.png Impaler’s Breath Chained Spear now hurls a harpoon that knocks enemies away, damaging and Stunning them.
FerociousGaleDiabloImmortal.png Ferocious Gale Whirlwind occasionally throws out tornadoes that deal 205 damage to any enemies they strike.
TheGatheringDiabloImmortal.png The Gathering Whirlwind pulls in all enemies it damages.

List of All Barbarian Legendary Legs

Icon Name Description
HowlersLiftDiabloImmortal.png Howler’s Lift Leap damage increased by 10%.
DeterminationDiabloImmortal.png Determination Furious Charge can now be charged up to increase its range and damage.
KarsDefianceDiabloImmortal.png Kar’s Defiance Leap also grants you a shield that absorbs X damage.
JuggernautPlanDiabloImmortal.png Juggernaut’s Plan Sprint now causes you to run continuously, knocking away and damaging enemies in your path.
ScreamingFuryDiabloImmortal.png Screaming Fury Furious Charge now charges to a location, damaging all nearby enemies and knocking them into the air. Also increases maximum charges to 2.
RockspikeDiabloImmortal.png Rockspike Ground Stomp now affects all nearby enemies.
SwiftwingDiabloImmortal.png Swiftwing Sprint now also increases movement speed of nearby allies.


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