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What is Resonance in Diablo Immortal?

Nathan Garvin

Information about Resonance in Diablo Immortal. What is Resonance, what effects does Resonance have, and how to increase your Resonance.

Your Resonance score boosts the Attribute bonuses your gear gives you, improve a variety of other derived stats.

What is Resonance?

In your inventory screen, above your helmet equipment slot, you’ll find a golden icon with a numerical value underneath it, representing your Resonance score. Your Resonance score won’t unlock until you actually obtain an item that gives you some Resonance, namely Legendary Gems, which you’ll acquire as you advance the main questline by reaching Westmarch and completing the Elder Rift tutorial.

What Does Resonance Do?

Most gear generally gives you flat bonuses to Damage or Life, as well as having a Magic Property and potentially a Legendary Property. In addition, equipment will give you Attribute bonuses, with rarer, higher level equipment granting higher Attribute bonuses. Your Resonance score modifies the Base Attribute bonuses your equipped gear grants you, with a higher Resonance score yielding a higher percentage bonus to your Attribute scores. Since many other derived stats like Armor, Armor Penetration, Combat Rating, Damage, Life, Potency and Resistance are directly influenced by your Attributes, your Resonance score is immensely important, and does much to determine your overall effectiveness in combat.

Your Resonance score is largely derived from the Legendary Gems you have equipped - rarer, more upgrade gems will give you more Resonance.

How to Increase Resonance?

Unfortunately, the primary source of Resonance in Diablo Immortal is via Legendary Gems. The more Legendary Gems you have equipped, the higher their Star-Rating, and the more they’ve been upgraded, the more Resonance they’ll yield. Since Legendary Gems are by far the most money-gated aspect of the game, your Resonance score - and hence your overall combat prowess - is in effect gated by how much money you’re willing to spend on buying Legendary Crests and completing Elder Rifts. If you refrain from spending money, you’ll find that your ability to accumulate Legendary Gems will be significantly slowed. Not only will you have fewer Legendary Gems, but unless your luck is amazing, the ones you have will be lower quality and you’ll have fewer excess Legendary Gems available to generate upgrade materials for the ones you choose to equip.

Free Legendary Crests (required to open Elder Rifts and guaranteeing a Legendary Gem drop) can be earned - albeit arduously slowly - via the Battle Pass or by purchasing from the Hilts Trader. You can purchase Legendary Crests from the Crest Merchant. You can also craft Legendary Gems by visiting a Jeweler (you’ll need Runes to do so, which can be acquired by completing Elder Rifts - even Rare Crests will yield Runes) or by purchasing them directly form the Market by spending Platinum.


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