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Diablo Immortal

Best Level 5 Paragon Set Item Rewards

Nathan Garvin

Information about the Prodigy’s Path rewards, specifically the Paragon Level 5 set rewards. This page will provide details about how to unlock the Prodigy’s Path reward tracks and what Paragon 5 set items are best for each class.

What is the Prodigy’s Path?

Prodigy’s Path is a two-track rewards system similar to the Battle Pass, save that unlike the aforementioned Battle Pass, Prodigy’s Path will yield rewards as you level up instead of rewarding you as you collect Battle Points. That’s not to say there’s not a lot of synergy between the two, however, as ranking up the Battle Pass tends to be one of the better ways to level up your character, making it also one of the better ways to advance up the Prodigy’s Path reward tracks.

Like the Battle Pass, Prodigy’s Path is split into two reward tracks, one free (Adept’s Prizes) and one paid (Prodigy’s Prizes). The latter will cost you $19.99 to unlock at which point you’ll be able to claim prizes from both tracks as you increase your character level and later, your Paragon level. For this page, however, we’re interested in the free track, which is where you’ll earn your pick of legendary and set gear at the following level benchmarks:

Reward Level Required
Legendary Shoulder 50
Legendary Legs 60
Set Belt Paragon 5
Set Belt Paragon 15
Set Boots Paragon 25
Set Boots Paragon 35
Set Gloves Paragon 45
Set Amulet Paragon 85

Given how long it can take to level up (especially if you refrain from spending any real money), the higher-tier rewards on Prodigy’s Path are perhaps more aspirational than realistic.

How to Unlock Prodigy’s Path?

To unlock the Prodigy’s Path rewards track(s) you’ll need to both make main quest progress and advance your character level - two things that thankfully tend to go hand in hand. In the case of character level you must attain Level 45 before you qualify for any rewards on Prodigy’s Path. You must also advance the main questline to the end of the events on Mount Zavan - Prodigy’s Path will unlock after you defeat the boss [Agronix].

When you hit Paragon 5 you’ll get to choose a Set Belt as a reward via Prodigy’s Path.

How to Earn Paragon 5 Rewards on the Prodigy’s Path

As you level up you’ll unlock rewards on the Prodigy’s Path, and while there are some Legendary items you can earn when you hit Level 50 and [Level 60], your progression doesn’t end when you hit the level cap at Level 60. Instead, you’ll begin to advance via Paragon Levels, and so will the Prodigy’s Path rewards tracks. When you hit Paragon 5 you’ll be able to choose from a variety of Set-quality Belts.

Unlike Legendary-quality gear, Sets aren’t segregated by class, are always secondary gear (belts, boots, gloves, etc.), and tend to have more generalized bonuses rather than the skill-specific bonuses found on Legendary gear. This being the case, different classes will generally select from similar lists of Set gear when they unlock them as rewards on Prodigy’s Path.

Below you’ll find a list of Set quality Belts in Diablo Immortal:

Belt Set
The Gaoler Feasting Baton’s Pack
Open Gut Grace of the Flagellant
Issatar Contained Issatar Imbued
Shepherd and Begetter Shepherd’s Call to Wolves
Mountebank’s Bravado Untouchable Mountebank
Exemplar’s Urge Vithu’s Urge
Storm-Tack of Shal’Baas War Rags of Shal’baas
Whipcrack Windloft Perfection

All characters who reach Paragon 5 will be able to choose one Set-quality Belt. Below you’ll find a list of recommendations for which specific Set belt each class should pick.

Best Barbarian Set Belt at Paragon 5

The Grace of the Flagellant set provides a number of bonuses useful to Barbarians, especially its 2 set item bonus “All continual damage, Channeled damage, and persistent ground damage increased by 15%.”, which will boost the Barbarian’s Whirlwind skill damage, among others. This being the case, picking Open Gut is generally recommended.

Best Crusader Set Belt at Paragon 5

Like most melee characters, the Crusader benefits significantly form the Grace of the Flagellant set, as its 2 set item bonus “All continual damage, Channeled damage, and persistent ground damage increased by 15%.”. Once again, wearing the Open Gut belt is probably your best bet here.

Best Demon Hunter Set Belt at Paragon 5

Given the options available, the Demon Hunter should stick to the Grace of the Flagellant set and grab Open Gut, as it’ll boost any continual damage skills they have. Ultimately you may be better off seeking Set belts that aren’t available as part of the Prodigy’s Path.

Best Monk Set Belt at Paragon 5

Arguably the best set for a Monk is either Windloft Perfection or the War Rags of Shal’Baas set, although neither are available as Prodigy’s Path. That being the case, the next best option is the Open Gut belt from the Grace of the Flagellant set.

Best Necromancer Set Belt at Paragon 5

The Necromancer’s forte is summoning, hence a set like Shepherd’s Call to Wolves is a no-brainer for them. Grab Shepherd and Begetter to boost your Set count as much as possible, as all three tiers of Shepherd’s Call to Wolves bonuses are quite useful.

Best Wizard Set Belt at Paragon 5

Many of the Wizard’s best skills deal channeled damage, hence the Grace of the Flagellant’s 2 set item bonus “All continual damage, Channeled damage, and persistent ground damage increased by 15%.” is ideal. That being the case, grab the Open Gut belt when you get the opportunity.

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