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Essence Transfer

Nathan Garvin

Information about Essence Transfer in Diablo Immortal, including how to unlock the ability to utilize Essence Transfer and what Essence Transfer does.

How to Unlock the Essence Transfer

The Essence Transfer NPC, Zamina can be found in Westmarch, along the southwestern end of Rakkis Plaza.

While you’ll find Zamina standing along the southwestern edge of Westmarch from your first visit, she’ll be of little use to you until you’ve actually got the means to perform an Essence Transfer, merely offering conversation in the meanwhile.

Only once you’ve accumulated a sufficient number of legendary gear, perhaps requiring at least one duplicate legendary, you’ll be able to finally make use of the Essence Transfer service offered by Zamina. The rate at which you’ll accumulate legendary drops varies depending on… well, on how much money you’re willing to spend on Legendary Crests, which will dramatically increase legendary drop rates in Elder Rifts. If you refrain from spending money you’ll just need to accumulate legendary drops the old fashioned way, and this will likely take you until you’re level forty-ish.

What Does Essence Transfer Do?

When you have earned the right to access Zamina’s services, talk to her and pick the “Essence Transfer” option, after which you’ll get two further options: Extract and Inherit. Essence Transfer allows you to remove the legendary property from a legendary item and imbue another legendary item with this property. The legendary item whose property you’re extracting will be destroyed in the process, while the legendary item inheriting this extracted property will have its original legendary property overwritten.

The primary purpose of using Essence Transfer is to extract legendary properties from obsolete legendary gear and graft it onto statistically superior gear with properties that don’t suit your build and play style. Sure, you still have to find the specific legendary gear with the legendary properties you want at some point, but Essence Transfer means it’s not a total bust when you get a piece of legendary gear you want early, and makes the process of farming for higher-level legendary gear relevant to your build and play style much less painful.

Extracting Legendary Properties

When you select the “Extract” option you’ll find a list of legendary gear to the right. These are organized by type, and you can use tabs on the bottom of the list to cycle between various sorts of gear. Legendary gear currently in your inventory - but not equipped - will be highlighted, indicating you can select them as candidates for extraction. Aside from destroying the legendary gear whose properties are being extracted, you’ll have to pay a nominal gold fee for the process.

Inheriting Legendary Properties

Select the “Inherit” option and you’ll see a listing of all your equipped legendary gear. You can toggle between your equipped legendary gear and legendary gear in your inventory by using a tab at the bottom of the inventory screen. Pick a legendary item you wish to inherit the extracted legendary property of another piece of gear, then select the “Inherit” option on the bottom right of the screen, below the display of the selected legendary item’s current legendary property. This will take you to a side-by-side comparison of the gear’s before and after legendary properties. Select the empty box under the “After Inheritance” text and you’ll finally bring up a list of all the legendary properties you’ve extracted which the selected legendary gear can inherit.

Note that legendary gear can only inherit legendary properties from legendaries of the same type (legendary helmets can only inherit the properties of other legendary helmets, legendary armor can only inherit the properties of other legendary armor, and so on), and legendary gear cannot inherit redundant legendary properties (i.e., a legendary item cannot inherit a legendary property identical to the one it already possesses).


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