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How to Get the Caldesann’s Compassion Vessel

Nathan Garvin

Information about the Caldesann’s Compassion Vessel in Diablo Immortal, including where to find Caldesann’s Compassion, how to install and upgrade it in the Legacy of the Horadrim, and what attribute bonuses Caldesann’s Compassion will grant you.

Caldesann's Compassion will be acquired after finishing the 10th level of the Challenge Rift.

Where to Find Caldesann’s Compassion

Caldesann’s Compassion is the first Vessel you’ll likely acquire, being awarded to you unceremoniously and without fanfare when you complete the 10th level of the Challenge Rift.

How to Use Caldesann’s Compassion

Finding your first Vessel will start the quest “Legacy of the Horadrim”, which will ultimately lead you to Iben Fahd’s Sanctum. Once it starts you’ll need to run around and investigate a fountain, after which a ghostly Horadrim ancient will lead you to a statue just north of the Challenge Rift Entrance. Once the chatter subsides, interact with the statue to find the entrance to Iben Fahd’s Sanctum, a dungeon you can clear every day for various rewards, but mostly to earn resources you can use to upgrade various Vessels in the Legacy of the Horadrim.

Enter Iben Fahd’s Sanctum and endure much chatter as you’re introduced to both the aforementioned sanctum and to the “Legacy Shrine”. At the end of this interaction you’ll be forced to interact with the Legacy of the Horadrim and install the Caldesann’s Compassion Vessel you acquired earlier, giving you a minor boost to Armor and Armor Penetration. The tutorial will then lead you to the Sanctum depths, where you’ll need to complete your first run of the Iben Fahd’s Sanctum dungeon.

(1 of 3) Kill enemies in the Sanctum Depths and you'll earn Aspirant's Keys,

How to Upgrade Caldesann’s Compassion

Enter the “Sanctum Depths” and you’ll find a fairly linear dungeon populated with a variety of undead. As you clear the dungeon you’ll earn Aspirant’s Keys, which randomly drop from enemies you defeat.

At the end of the dungeon you’ll find a room full of chests, one of which you can freely open just for clearing the Sanctum Depths. Subsequent chests can be opened by using Aspirant’s Keys, with each additional chest requiring more Aspirant’s Keys to open. This functionally limits the number of chests you’ll be able to open at the end of each dungeon run less you go out of your way to acquire more Aspirant’s Keys by other means - you can pick up 5x Aspirant’s Key per day by trading with the Hilts Trader.

Opening these chests will reward you with a variety of “Culling Stones”, which come in three flavors - Sapphires, Garnets and Beryls. These can be used to upgrade Vessels installed in the Legacy of the Horadrim, and serves as your primary motivation for clearing the Sanctum Depths dungeon in Iben Fahd’s Sanctum every day. Different Vessels require different Culling Stones, and the more you upgrade Vessels, the more Culling Stones subsequent upgrades will require.

Caldesann’s Compassion in particular requires you to expend Sapphires in order to upgrade it.

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