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How Bounties Work in Diablo Immortal

Nathan Garvin

Information about Bounties in Diablo Immortal, including what are Bounties, how to complete Bounties, and where to find the Bounty Board in Diablo Immortal.

Bounties are fairly straight-forward in Diablo Immortal - every day you’ll have access to numerous Bounties which you can select from the Bounty Board in Westmarch. Completing the Bounty, then return to the Bounty Board in Westmarch and you’ll be rewarded with gold, loot and XP.

Where to Find the Bounty Board?

You can find the Bounty Board - and hence, start activating and completing Bounties - in Westmarch. The main questline will eventually take you to Westmarch, albeit after your encounter with Lethes following the Mad King’s Breach dungeon. There is even a tutorial section introducing you to the Bounty Board, under the main questline objective “Bounties Abroad”.

(1 of 3) Visit the Bounty Board in Westmarch to find numerous Bounties you can undertake each day.

What Are Bounties and How to Complete Them?

When you examine the Bounty Board in Westmarch you’ll find a number of Bounties posted. You can have several of them active at a single time, and you activate them by selecting your preferred Bounties from the Bounty Board. You’ll typically have to take more than one trip to select and complete all the Bounties available to you in a given day.

Bounties are typically short, simple, straight-forward errands, tasks or minor quests that you can optionally complete as you explore, giving you gold, items and XP when you turn them in. Most of the time Bounty objectives are fairly standard busywork, requiring you to either kill a number of specific enemies (Kill 50 Spiders, for example), or kill a number of enemies in a specific area (Kill Bog Creatures), or a combination of the two (Kill Bloodsword Rogues in Blackstone Village). Some are a tad more involved - kill a bigger enemy and harvest some quest objective from it, for example (Kill a Corrupted Mauders, Collect Bear Flesh, Place Bear Flesh, then Kill the Giant Vulture) - but generally you can expect Bounty objectives to be fetch-quest level chores

When you have a Bounty active, you can click on its listing on the left side of the screen to teleport to the proper region, and the locations where the objectives for active Bounties can be found are typically marked on your map, so there should be little ambiguity about what, exactly, is expected of you.

As lackluster as the objectives themselves are, the rewards are often worth the tedium.


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