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What is Battle Pass in Diablo Immortal?

Nathan Garvin

Information for the Battle Pass in Diablo Immortal. What are the Battle Pass and Battle Points? What is the difference between the “Free” Battle Pass and “Empowered Battle Pass”? How to complete Battle Pass objectives and rank up your Battle Pass.

What is Battle Pass?

Located in your Codex menu you’ll find the Battle Pass menu category. Battle Pass is essentially a collection season objectives which will shower you with rewards for completing various tasks, many of which you’ll achieve just by playing through the main quesltine. The rewards you’ll gain from completing Battle Pass objectives includes XP, various resources, and most relevant, Battle Points.

The Battle Pass menu category consists of three subcategories: Guide, Activities, and Quests.

Battle Pass: Guide

The Guide submenu mostly consists of zone-specific objectives, almost all of which you’ll complete just by advancing the main questline, exploring zones, and completing various tutorials. You’ll largely just be banking extra XP and Battle Points for completing these objectives, but in some cases completing all the objectives in a particular zone will net you extra rewards.

The objectives in this section of the Battle Pass are listed by zone.

(1 of 2) The Battle Pass consists of three categories, including Activities, which rewards you for just about anything you do - clearing Dungeons, Rifts, filling out Bestiary pages, etc.,

The Battle Pass consists of three categories, including Activities, which rewards you for just about anything you do - clearing Dungeons, Rifts, filling out Bestiary pages, etc., (left), and Quests, which are more general objectives, like killing monsters and opening chests. (right)

Battle Pass: Activities

This section of the Battle Pass mostly just tracks Dungeon, Elder Rift, Challenge Rift and [Bestiary] progress, given you a bit of extra incentive to clear these activities. It’s worth checking your Battle Pass to see which of these activities are offering bonus rewards (which can include increased rare/legendary/set drops), or to spot any activities offering unusually lucrative Battle Pass rewards, like bonus Battle Points. The further you progress in the main questline, the more of these activities you’ll have available.

Battle Pass: Quests

Finally, the Quests section of the Battle Pass includes a variety of global objectives that you’ll get rewarded for completing. This includes killing X monsters, obtaining X gold, opening X chests, collecting X items… general things you’re likely to make progress towards regardless of what else you’re working on. Be sure to claim your rewards (which are largely just Battle Points, albeit a fair number of them) as you complete these objectives, as you’ll only have a few objectives live at a time, and they’ll cycle as you complete them. Let them stagnate and you’ll just be wasting potential progress.

(1 of 2) Complete Activities and Quests to earn Battle Points,

Complete Activities and Quests to earn Battle Points, (left), and accumulate enough Battle Points to ran up your Battle Pass and earn rewards. (right)

What are Battle Points?

As you complete Battle Pass objectives (and also Conquest and Achievement objectives) you’ll earn Battle Points, which tracks your Battle Pass progress. Earn enough Battle Points and you’ll rank up your Battle Pass, earning you a variety of rewards depending on your rank. Most ranks will just earn you upgrade Blacksmithing materials and Hilts, another sort of currency you can spend at the [Hilt Merchant] to purchase various goodies, but some ranks are especially generous, offering Crests, Normal Gems, Legendary Gems, [Charms], and even your pick of legendary gear.

Needless to say, it’s worth checking your Battle Pass rank as you gain Battle Points to redeem these bonuses.

You can purchase two different grades of Empowered Battle Pass to unlock a bonus rewards track.

What is Empowered Battle Pass?

When you rank up your Battle Pass you’ll notice there are two tracks on the Battle Pass rewards list - the “Free” track which anybody can access, and the “Empowered” track that is shamelessly pay-to-win. If you buy the Empowered Battle Pass microtransaction, you’ll be able to collect rewards from the Empowered track as well as the Free track (currently you can also purchase the Collector’s Empowered Battle Pass, which gives you ten free Battle Pass ranks and earns you some cosmetic effects). Having the Empowered Battle Pass purchased will also open up more Battle Pass Quests, allowing you to complete more objectives simultaneously, effectively netting your more Battle Points for just playing the game.


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