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What is Combat Rating in Diablo Immortal?

Nathan Garvin

Information about Combat Rating in Diablo Immortal. What does Combat Rating do, and how to improve it?

Combat Rating is a Secondary Attribute in Diablo Immortal, and is derived from numerous sources. Leveling up, equipped gear, and the number and quality of socketed Normal Gems and Legendary Gems all influence your Combat Rank, with higher quality gear and gems contributing the most.

Combat Rating is a derived stat that gives you damage/resilience bonuses or penalties.

The higher your Combat Rating, the better. It’s a relative measurement which is compared to monsters of your current level, granting you damage bonuses and reducing incoming damage if your Combat Rating is higher than average for your level, and imposing penalties to the same if your Combat Rating is lower than average. Since enemies scale up to or near your level at any given time (with the weakest being a level or two below your own level), this relative bonus or penalty from Combat Rating is always applicable. It also means that enemies with a higher or lower level than you will have their damage taken and dealt modified accordingly, with higher level foes dealing more damage and receiving less, and lower level foes dealing less damage and sustaining more.

The damage bonuses/penalties from your Combat Rating is also applied to other players, but in the case of PvP damage increase is capped at +10%.

You must reach varying Combat Rating thresholds to participate in Helliquary raids.

Aside from these bonuses to damage and resilience, your Combat Rating also effectively serves to gate your progress with [Helliquary Raids]. Different Helliquary Bosses have varying difficulties, and require you to reach certain Combat Rating plateaus to even attempt. This is presumably done to prevent underpowered exploitative players from weighing down legitimate Helliquary raids. Lassal the Flame-Spun, for example, requires you to attain a Combat Rating of 420 at his lowest (one skull) difficulty to even attempt to join raids. At his intermediate (two-skull) difficulty this Combat Rating requirement increases to 1,250.


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