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Diablo Immortal

How to Get The Black Rose Legendary Gem

Nathan Garvin

Information about The Black Rose Legendary Gem in Diablo Immortal, including how to find or craft The Black Rose, how to upgrade The Black Rose, and what attributes The Black Rose possesses.

How to Get The Black Rose

The Black Rose is a 1-Star Legendary Gem in Diablo Immortal, and as such there are only a handful of ways to obtain one: you can find it during Elder Rift runs, you can craft it via a Jeweler, either by directly crafting it or by selecting a random Legendary Gem option, or you can buy it from the Market.

How to Find The Black Rose in Elder Rifts

When you open an Elder Rift by using a Legendary Crest, you’re guaranteed to obtain at least one Legendary Gem when you defeat the Rift Guardian and clear the Elder Rift. 1-Star Legendary Gems have a 75~% chance to drop, 2-Star Legendary Gems have a 20~% chance to drop and 5-Star Legendary Gems have a 4.5% Chance to drop. When a 5-Star Legendary Gem drops, its quality will be anywhere between 2 Stars and 5 Stars, with a 5/5-Star Legendary Gem being one of the most prohibitively rare and expensive items in the game. You also have a 5% chance of getting a 1-Star Legendary Gem when clearing an Elder Rift opened with a Rare Crest.

The exact Legendary Gem dropped when you complete an Elder Rift is random.

You can craft The Black Rose by expending 7x ATI runs and 2x WEH runes.

How to Craft The Black Rose

You can craft Legendary Gems by visiting the Jeweler, where you’ll find several options available. As a 1-Star Legendary Gem, you can directly craft The Black Rose by expending 7x ATI runes and 2x WEH runes. Alternatively you can use the “1-Star Legendary Gem” recipe to craft a random 1-Star Legendary Gem by expending 7x FA runes. Finally, you can use the “Random Legendary Gem” recipe to craft a random 1, 2 or 5-Star Legendary Gem by expending 22x FA runes. Obviously getting The Black Rose from the “Random Legendary Gem” recipe is less than ideal.

You can earn Runes by completing Elder Rifts using both Legendary Crests and Rare Crests. You can also buy and trade runes by expending Fading Embers at the [Fading Embers and Runes merchant].

Buying The Black Rose from the Market

The Black Rose can be purchased by expending Platinum at the Market. Platinum is a premium currency that can be obtained in small amounts by reaching all three Daily Activity Reward benchmarks by earning 120 Battle Points. Platinum can also be obtained in greater amounts by expending Eternal Orbs.

Since the Market is ostensibly stocked with player-vended items, expect the price and quality of wares to fluctuate.

Upgrading Legendary Gems will improve that gem’s stats, but you’ll need Gem Power and spare gems to do so.

How to Upgrade The Black Rose

You can upgrade Legendary Gems by visiting a Jeweler, selecting the desired Legendary Gem (or the gear it’s socketed into) and picking the “Upgrade” option. As a 1-Star Legendary Gem, The Black Rose requires you to expend Gem Power, which is generated when you break down other Legendary Gems. At Rank 6 and above you’ll also need to use duplicate The Black Rose Legendary Gems to upgrade The Black Rose to higher ranks.

The Black Rose Stats

When socketed into a piece of primary gear, The Black Rose will give you a variety of attribute boosts:

The Black Rose (1-Star Legendary Gem)
Increases Resonance by 15
+8 Combat Rating
Each time you are attacked, you have a 10% chance to summon vines that Immobilize the attacker for 1.10 seconds. Each enemy cannot be affected by this more often than once every 20 seconds.
Unlocks at Rank 2 Immobilize duration increased to 1.40 seconds.
Unlocks at Rank 3 Chance to summon vines increased to 13.5%.
Unlocks at Rank 5 Increases chance to find Magic Items by 5%.
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