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How to Unlock and Complete the Bestiary in Diablo Immortal

Nathan Garvin

Information about the Bestiary in Diablo Immortal, including how to access the Bestiary, how to unlock new Bestiary entries, and the rewards you get for completing Bestiary entries.

How to Unlock the Bestiary

You’ll unlock the Bestiary by advancing the main questline. After exploring the Bloodsworn Den and defeating Lakrii you’ll start the objective “The Horadric Bestiary” objective, which will task you with heading to the Rogue Battlecamp in the Dark Wood, where you’ll ultimately need to talk to various characters before ultimately being prompted to access the Bestiary.

Only once you complete the aforementioned task during the main questline and unlock the Bestiary will you be able to start making progress on filling out Bestiary pages.

(1 of 2) Progress the main questline until you're tasked with unlocking the Bestiary.

Progress the main questline until you're tasked with unlocking the Bestiary. (left), In-game, the Bestiary does very little except provide lore and illustrations. (right)

What is the Bestiary and How to Unlock Bestiary Entries?

The Bestiary is a log that details the various enemies - both strong and weak, common and unique - you encounter during your battles in Sanctuary. In-game the Bestiary itself is largely just a collection of lore and illustrations, having little direct gameplay value. However, as you unlock Bestiary entries you’ll gian rewards; find Bestiary tomes scattered in safe zones throughout the game when you have new entries unlocked and you’ll obtain XP, Gold and perhaps the odd piece of gear The Bestiary also has a Battle Pass entry (Codex - Battle Pass: Activities) which will give you additional rewards every time you unlock a new entry, including more Battle Points and a chance to score a piece of Legendary gear.

There’s plenty of incentive to fill out the Bestiary, but it’s worth noting that you cannot make progress in the Bestiary until you unlock it during the main questline. This is a good reason for you to focus on the main questline until the Bestiary is unlocked, as any kills made before the Bestiary is unlocked are essentially wasted.

(1 of 3) Defeat monsters,

To unlock new Bestiary entries, you’ll need to kill monsters. Once the Bestiary is unlocked, monsters you kill will have a chance to drop a Monstrous Orb, which will give you progress towards unlocking that monster’s Bestiary entry. Once you obtain enough Monstrous Orbs, the relevant monster’s Bestiary entry will unlock and you’ll need to find a Bestiary tome in a safe zone and interact with it to gain your reward.

While it may be tempting to run around and massacre monsters in hopes of accumulating Monstrous Orbs to unlock new Bestiary entries, this is probably not a productive use of your time. Between all the Dungeon runs, Elder Rifts, Challenge Rifts and Bounties you’ll need to do to earn XP, Gold, loot, Battle Pass progression and other rewards, you’ll end up filling out your Bestiary just fine without wasting time meandering around in search of Monstrous Orbs. Pretty much everything you do in Diablo Immortal involves killing something, so you might as well kill two birds with one stone.


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