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What Are Hidden Lairs in Diablo Immortal?

Nathan Garvin

Information about Hidden Lairs in Diablo Immortal. What are Hidden Lairs, and how to find and clear Hidden Lairs?

(1 of 2) Complete events in Hidden Lairs,

Complete events in Hidden Lairs, (left), and you'll be rewarded with Normal Gems. (right)

What Are Hidden Lairs?

Occasionally as you explore you’ll be notified that a Hidden Lair has spawned in your current zone. Hidden Lairs are good sources of loot, XP, and best of all, Normal Gems, and it’s possible to score several of these valuable baubles in a single Hidden Lair. Unfortunately, the “hidden” part of the name Hidden Lair makes these events somewhat obtuse Zones are fairly large areas (i.e., Ashwold Cemetery) and a Hidden Lair can spawn in several locations around the map. Worse, Hidden Lairs may be timed and/or instanced, meaning if you can’t find them quickly enough, they may despawn and/or be cleared by another player. This adds a wholly unwelcome element of dumb luck to this activity, and if you wish to complete them you’ll have no choice but to blindly wander around the spawn zone looking for potential entrances to the Hidden Lair, all the while not knowing if it has despawned or been cleared.

Still, the chance to score a handful of Tourmaline gems to boost your damage output for having the good fortune to stumble into a Hidden Lair makes them well worth seeking out.

(1 of 2) Each Hidden Lair has a Lair Guardian.

Each Hidden Lair has a Lair Guardian. (left), Some Hidden Lairs also have multiple levels, making them particularly lucrative. (right)

How to Beat Hidden Lairs

While Hidden Lairs may be difficult to find at times, once you do locate and enter a Hidden Lair you’ll find that clearing it is fairly straightforward. In terms of content, a Hidden Lair is somewhere between a normal world [Event] and a proper Dungeon. Like a Dungeon you have to zone-in to the area, and once you do you’ll find that Hidden Lairs are typically fairly short, self-contained affairs (although some can be multi-level) that require you to plow through several events similar to proper world events. This usually involves killing some unique critters in some form or another, after which you’ll be rewarded, and if you’re lucky these rewards will include a Normal Gem of some variety. If you’re exceptionally lucky you’ll get several gems you actually care to use!

After reaching the end of a Hidden Lair you’ll find a teleporter taking you back out to the zone you found the Hidden Lair in.

All in all, you should seek out Hidden Lairs when the notification for them pops up on your screen, as there’s not many better ways to earn Normal Gems. Given how obtuse they are, however, you may want to familiarize yourself with a particular area and hunt for Hidden Lairs there. At least that way you’ll know roughly what to look for. For example, the crypts in the Ashwold Cemetery (including its various subareas) often house Hidden Lairs - they’ll have a door you can pass through when a Hidden Lair is present, otherwise being dormant scenery. Once you’re familiar with where Hidden Zones can spawn, you can map out likely spawn points, making finding one much easier, albeit still tedious.


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