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What Are Events in Diablo Immortal?

Nathan Garvin

Information about Events in Diablo Immortal including what are Events, how to complete Events, and what rewards you get for resolving Events successfully.

Most of the time during your adventures in Sanctuary, you’ll be actively engaged in completing objectives of your own choosing, but as you explore you’ll occasionally find yourself thrust into a more reactive role, caught up in various unplanned encounters.

(1 of 2) As you explore, Events will pop up, usually tasking you with killing some combination of enemies.

As you explore, Events will pop up, usually tasking you with killing some combination of enemies. (left), Succeed at your task and you'll be rewarded with loot chests. (right)

What Are Events in Diablo Immortal?

Events in Diablo Immortal are random encounters that can occur by chance as you explore outside of Safe Zones. When an Event triggers, its completion objective will pop up in your quest log, leaving little ambiguity in what’s expected of you. Most of the time you’ll be tasked with killing something - either a Super Unique monster, a group of specific enemies (some of which may not otherwise be native to the zone) or on the simpler end of things you’ll be tasked with just killing a set number of monsters of any type in a specific area.

Clearing Events will usually earn you rewards in the form of loot chests, and many Events are timed or have other bonus objectives, which will earn you additional rewards (in the form of bonus chests) for completing them. This is in addition to whatever loot is dropped by the monsters you’re almost inevitably tasked with killing, and in the case of Super Unique enemies, this can cause events to be quite lucrative, indeed.

Event-based Super Unique enemies are marked on your map with a purple icon.

It’s worth noting that Super Unique enemies frequently spawn in specific areas, and once you know where specific Super Unique enemies tend to spawn, you can farm them should you be so inclined. Super Unique enemies that are part of Events are marked on the map with a purple icon, making them fairly easy to spot. Keep in mind that Events are instanced, and if another player triggers a Super Unique enemy spawn, you won’t be eligible to complete the Event, even if you can still engage said Super Unique enemy. In these instances, the life bar of the Super Unique enemy will be gray.

Since most Events are zone-based, if you stray too far from where the Event triggers you may fail the Event, depriving you of whatever loot you’d have gained for completing siad Event.

All in all, Events are welcome - and often lucrative - distractions that break up the monotony of traveling from quest objective to quest objective.


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