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What Are Dungeons in Diablo Immortal?

Nathan Garvin

Information about Dungeons in Diablo Immortal. What are Dungeons, and how to find and clear dungeons?

Dungeons are self-contained areas found throughout Sanctuary.

What Are Dungeons?

Throughout the world of Sanctuary you’ll find entrances to various self-contained areas you’ll have to zone in to from the main world area, similar to Rifts. Unlike Rifts, however, Dungeons can be left freely and there’s no time limit for completing Dungeons. Dungeons are crawling with enemies, typically including several sub-bosses whom you’ll have to defeat to reach the dungeon’s main boss, although there may be other objectives along the way. You’ll earn you standard random treasure from fighting the enemies as you progress through a dungeon as well as the better-than-usual drops super unique creatures like the aforementioned bosses yield. If you defeat the dungeon boss you’ll be able to loot whatever said boss drops along with potentially several chests, depending on the dungeon you’re in and the bonus objectives you’ve completed along the way.

Dungeons can be explored voluntarily, and the loot and XP you’ll earn by clearing Dungeons can be pretty enticing. You will usually have to clear specific dungeons as you progress the main questline, so you may want to stay out of Dungeons until the story takes you there, if you do not want to end up clearing the same Dungeon multiple times.

(1 of 4) Your main objective as you advance through Dungeons will be to defeat the various critters and sub bosses that infest these places.

How to Beat Dungeons

While the objectives of any specific Dungeon are fairly set in stone, your objectives in each Dungeon will vary depending on the Dungeon, and a Dungeon can (but does not necessarily include several distinct areas, some of which will prevent you from voluntarily leaving once you pass a point of no return. Typically, however, you’ll need to kill various sub bosses as you explore Dungeons, zoning into new areas that said sub bosses were guarding. Other tasks, like clearing hordes of more mundane enemies quickly to earn more treasure at the end of the Dungeon, or optionally exploring side areas to immediately gain more treasure can also occur.

(1 of 2) Defeat the Dungeon Boss unique to each Dungeon,

Defeat the Dungeon Boss unique to each Dungeon, (left), and you'll gain a significant amount of loot and XP. (right)

Whatever the exact objectives are, it is bound to involve a lot of combat against both mundane and unique enemies. Fight your way through to the end of a Dungeon and you’ll encounter the Dungeon Boss, which is unique to a specific Dungeon. These enemies have tremendous pools of health, but fortunately like most bosses you can beat healing orbs out of them by depleting each of their multiple life bars. Be wary of their unique attack routines (which almost always includes heavy attacks and summoning minions to distract you) and put them down to score the exceptional loot they drop and score whatever bonus treasure you’re entitled to, if any.

A Dungeon will expire after you defeat the Dungeon Boss, kicking you out and resetting the Dungeon, allowing you to clear Dungeons multiple times, if you so desire.

Dungeons found in Diablo Immortal include:

  • [The Mad King’s Breach]
  • [The Forgotten Tower]
  • [The Tomb of Fahir]

Check out the linked pages for more in-depth walkthroughs for each Dungeon, including information about how to earn bonus treasure and strategies for defeating each Dungeon Boss.


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