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What Does Willpower Do In Diablo Immortal?

Nathan Garvin

Information about the Willpower Attribute in Diablo Immortal. What does the Willpower Attribute do, and how to improve your Willpower Attribute?

Willpower influences your Potency, Resistance and Combat Rating.

What Does Willpower Do in Diablo Immortal?

Willpower is an Attribute in Diablo Immortal, and as a primary stat it directly influences other stats, including Potency, Resistance and Combat Rating.

  • Your Potency score is a relative value and is compared to the average Resistance score of enemies of your level. The higher your Potency is compared to an enemy’s Resistance, the longer your control effects last.

  • Your Resistance score is a relative value and is compared to the average Potency score of enemies of your level. The higher your Resistance is compared to an enemy’s Potency, the shorter the duration of control effects affecting you. Control effects have a 50% shorter duration against other players.

  • Potency and Resistance have a far more significant influence on the duration of control effects versus other players than they do against monsters.

  • Combat Rating is another relative value, and is perhaps the most important derive stat in the game. If your Combat Rating is higher than expected for your character level you’ll deal more damage and sustain less, while the inverse may be true if your Combat Rating is lower than expected for your character level.

Equipment can spawn with bonuses to various Attributes, including Willpower.

How to Increase Your Willpower Attribute

Most gear generally gives you flat bonuses to Damage or Life, as well as having a Magic Property and potentially a Legendary Property. In addition, equipment will give you Attribute bonuses, with rarer, higher level equipment granting higher Attribute bonuses. Any piece of gear - provided it’s at least of Rare quality or higher should have bonuses to two different Attributes on it. What two attributes a piece of equipment has on it is random, as is the value of said Attribute bonuses.

In addition to gear, your Resonance score modifies the Base Attribute bonuses your equipped gear grants you, with a higher Resonance score yielding a higher percentage bonus to your Attribute scores. Since many other derived stats like Armor, Armor Penetration, Combat Rating, Damage, Life, Potency and Resistance are directly influenced by your Attributes, your Resonance score is immensely important, and does much to determine your overall effectiveness in combat. Resonance is primarily gained by equipping Legendary Gems, the rare the Legendary Gem and the more it has been upgraded, the higher the Resonance bonus, hence the higher your Attributes will be boosted.


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