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List of Monk Legendary Equipment in Diablo Immortal

Shane Williams

Information on all Legendary Equipment which are exclusively available to Monks in Diablo Immortal.

Best Way To Get Legendaries in Diablo Immortal

Acquiring Legendaries in Diablo is pretty tough if you are F2P (Free To Play), but there are a few ways you can increase the drop rate for them. To begin, complete the main story and reach Level 60 to use the Paragon Point to unlock the harder difficulties which will then give you more opportunities to see Legendaries Drop when farming Elder Rifts.

List of All Main Hand Monk Legendary Weapons

Icon Name Description
FiresofPeaceDiabloImmortal.png Fires of Peace Shield of Zen doesn’t shield you anymore, but periodically deals damage to nearby enemies
DragonsIndignationDiabloImmortal.png Dragon’s Indignation Seven-Sided Strike now also continually Burns enemies.
InterveningLawDiabloImmortal.png Intervening Law Shield of Zen now causes you to charge to a target location, granting you and all nearby allies a shield that absorbs damage.
IceUponTheBlossomDiabloImmortal.png Ice Upon the Blossom Seven-sided Strike turns to Ice damage with Chilling effect.
SpiritsReachDiabloImmortal.png Spirit’s Reach Seven-sided Strike now places a runic circle inside which all enemies will be struck by your spirit allies.
RobofEchoesDiabloImmortal.png Rod of Echoes Mystic Allies cooldown decreased by 15%.
WisdomsGraspDiabloImmortal.png Wisdom’s Grasp Imprisoned Fist damage increased by 10%.

List of All Off Hand Monk Legendary Weapons

Icon Name Description
PathofThePresentDiabloImmortal.png Path of the Present Exploding Palm now throws a giant palm in a direction, damaging and Stunning all enemies in its path.
EyeoftheStormDiabloImmortal.png Eye of the Storm Cyclone Strike radius increased by 20%.
ReachingRebukeDiabloImmortal.png Reaching Rebuke Exploding Palm now launches you at a location and strikes that area with a giant palm as you land, damaging all nearby enemies, but its cooldown is increased.
RoaroftheSeaDiabloImmortal.png Roar of the Sea Wave Strike now quickly gathers energy and generates Wave Explosion.
RespitesSighDiabloImmortal.png Respite’s Sigh Inner Sanctuary duration increased by 30%.
SpokesofTheWheelDiabloImmortal.png Spokes of the Wheel Flying Kick also temporarily increases all damage you deal by 10%.
ScoldingStormDiabloImmortal.png Scolding Storm Exploding Palm is now icy and inflicts Chill.

List of All Monk Legendary Heads

Icon Name Description
EmpathyBlessingDiabloImmortal.png Empathy’s Blessing Inner Sanctuary is now Blessed Sanctuary, increasing all damage done by you and your allies while within the circle.
CripplingInsightDiabloImmortal.png Crippling Insight Exploding Palm maximum charges increased by 1.
SolaceofthePeaksDiabloImmortal.png Solace of the Peaks Inner Sanctuary becomes a chilling circle, continually damaging and Chilling enemies within it, but no longer protecting you and your allies.
PurityThoughtDiabloImmortal.png Purity’s Thought Shield of Zen now also dispels a harmful effect from the target.
TheOpenMindDiabloImmortal.png The Open Mind Mystic Allies damage increased by 10%.

List of All Monk Legendary Shoulders

Icon Name Description
DisciplinesWeightDiabloImmortal.png Discipline’s Weight Seven-Sided Strike damage increased by 10%.
AuthorityofPatienceDiabloImmortal.png Authority of Patience Imprisoned Fist now causes you to charge in a direction, and can be charged up to increase range and damage.
HeavensBondsDiabloImmortal.png Heaven’s Bonds Wave of Light now drops a golden bell from the sky, immobilizing all enemies in the area.
FreedomsGaleDiabloImmortal.png Freedom’s Gale Imprisoned Fist now knocks surrounding enemies into the air and Stuns them, but no longer Immobilizes.
MantleoftheCraneDiabloImmortal.png Mantle of the Crane Flying Kick range increased by 20%.
RisingTideDiabloImmortal.png Rising Tide Imprisoned Fist now causes you to leap through the air with electricity, damaging and Immobilizing nearby enemies where you land.
RadiantSunDiabloImmortal.png Radiant Sun Wave Of Light now summons an Echo Bell, inflicting continuous damage on all nearby enemies.

List of All Monk Legendary Chests

Icon Name Description
DisciplinedRespiteDiabloImmortal.png Disciplined Respite Inner Sanctuary Cooldown decreased by 15%.
BreathofIncenseDiabloImmortal.png Breath of Incense Seven-Sided Strike can now trigger the Exploding Palm explosion when it kills Bleeding enemies.
HarmonysSongDiabloImmortal.png Harmony’s Song Wave of Light range increased by 20%.
EnlightenmentsBlessingDiabloImmortal.png Enlightenment’s Blessing During Shield of Zen your movement speed is increased by 25% and you can move unhindered through enemies.
ResoundingSoulDiabloImmortal.png Resounding Soul Wave Strike damage increased by 10%.
PeaceofthePresentDiabloImmortal.png Peace of the Present Inner Sanctuary also grants you and all nearby allies a shield that absorbs X damage.
StormSpiritDiabloImmortal.png Storm Spirit Cyclone Strike now generates a powerful tornado that continually damages all nearby enemies.

List of All Monk Legendary Legs

Icon Name Description
CompanionsMelodyDiabloImmortal.png Companion’s Melody Mystic Allies duration increased by 25%
ChastisingRadianceDiabloImmortal.png Chastising Radiance Wave of Light damage increased by 10%
InnerRhythmDiabloImmortal.png Inner Rhythm Exploding Palm explosion damage increased by 30%, but Exploding Palm no longer deals initial damage.
GracesBountyDiabloImmortal.png Grace’s Bounty Flying Kick becomes Spinning Kick, damaging all nearby enemies.
PathoftheStormDiabloImmortal.png Path of the Storm Cyclone Strike also temporarily decreases all damage you take by 20%.
MomentumsFlowDiabloImmortal.png Momentum’s Flow Flying Kick now unleashes a series of kicks at enemies in a direction, with the final kick knocking enemies away.


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