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The Market

Nathan Garvin

Information about the Market in Diablo Immortal, including how to unlock the Market and what you can buy and sell there.

How to Unlock the Market

The Market can be found in Westmarch, along the eastern end of Rakkis Plaza.

After you clear the [Forgotten Tower] dungeon in the Dark Wood you’ll return to Westmarch, where you’ll need to progress through more story and some tutorials. Eventually you’ll get the main quest objective “Tools of the Trade”, after which the objective “Trading at the Market” will pop up. This serves as an introduction to the Market in Diablo Immortal, although you probably won’t be in a position to actually buy or sell anything there just yet. Talk to the NPC Dya, who runs the Market, after which the Market will become a tool you can use whenever you have the means.

Buying items from the Market requires Platinum, a premium currency you can buy with Eternal Orbs, which in turn can be directly purchased with real money. Selling items at the Market will likewise earn you Platinum.

Progress the main questline until you're tasked with checking out the Market.

What Can Be Bought and Sold at the Market?

Despite the rather generic and broad name, the Market’s wares are quite limited. The only items you can buy or sell at the Market are Legendary Gems, Normal Gems and [Skill Stones]. If you’re looking to purchase other wares, you’ll need to see the Crests Merchant for Legendary Crests, the [Rarities and Antiquities] merchant to gamble for gear, or the Hilts Trader, who will sell you a wide selection of goods (including Normal Gems) in exchange for Hilts.

You can buy and sell Legendary Gems, Normal Gems and Skill Stones at the Market.

Buying and Selling Legendary Gems at the Market

Perhaps the most important function of the Market is to facilitate the exchange of Legendary Gems. If you need a specific gem for upgrading purposes, or you’re looking to grab a gem that compliments your build, the Market is an option.

The real treasures are the 5-Star Legendary Gems, however, as they’re absurdly rare, necessary for top-tier play, and subsequently command prices of tens or even over a hundred thousand Platinum. As of the time of this writing, the most prized 5-Star Legendary Gems weren’t in stock, and full 5/5 Star specimens of any gem were simply not for sale… presumably too valuable to be traded, or too rare for anybody to even possess one.

Buying and Selling Normal Gems at the Market

Normal Gems are less complicated than Legendary Gems; you can purchase Normal Gems of every type at the Market. As of this writing, Normal Gems up to Rank 5 were listed, although everything above Rank 3 was regularly out of stock. Considering that each rank of Normal Gem requires three gems of the lower rank to create, it’s of little surprise that higher-rank Normal Gems are quite scarce - it requires 81 Rank 1 Normal Gems to make a single Rank 5 Normal Gem, after all.

Buying and Selling Skill Stones at the Market

Skill Stones are used to imbue [Charms] with various skill bonuses, increasing the numerical parameters of a certain skill or skills. Skill Stones typically come with several skill boosts, often belonging to different classes. In the Market, Skill Stones are sorted by class relevance, with stones possessing no skills for your class filtered out. Otherwise, the skills each Skill Stone boosts are clearly labeled to make it fairly easy to pick out what you want.


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