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Author(s): Cassie Sun
First Published: 01-09-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:11 GMT
Version: 1.50 (????) 04-07-2020 / 05:24 GMT

5-star Purr-owler Quests

Finally, we have the Prowler Quests of this tier. You're finally doing some actually-kind-of-cool stuff too for once.

Blood Red Marshlands

Objective: Slay 10 Ioprey

Location: Marshlands

Subquest: None

Notes: In order to unlock this Prowler Quest, you need to complete the 4-star Prowler Quests "Marshlands Fishing?" and "Arctic Point Expedition". So hop to it!

An Offer You Cant Relieve

Objective: Deliver a Wyvern Egg

Location: Verdant Hills

Subquest: None

Notes: You have to complete "Blood Red Marshlands" to see this quest pop up. As a cat you can't really jump anywhere so you're going to have to take the long route and pray that Rathian doesn't follow you around. You can keep taps on where it is thanks to the Prowler's "sensitivity" (or some other handwaved explanation) but if you're having a lot of trouble because of how slow the cat moves, you're better off defeating Rathian altogether.

Uroktor Hide n Seek

Objective: Slay 10 Uroktor

Location: Volcano

Subquest: None

Notes: As usual this quest is unstable. Remember, the Uroktor are the little orange serpents that like to burrow in the lava (they're actually juvenille Agnaktor, a High Rank-exclusive monster in this game). You need to complete "Blood Red Marshlands" to unlock this quest.

Into the Volcano

Objective: Slay 8 Remobras

Location: Volcano

Subquest: None

Notes: As a cat, you have access to Boomerangs, which might make the task slightly easier. But since you can't carry Raw Meat, just let a Remobra carcass chill on the ground to attract other Remobra before you carve to make the job easier. To see this quest, complete "Blood Red Marshlands".

Kut-Ku Earbreaker

Objective: Wound Yian Kut-Ku's head

Location: Jurassic Frontier

Subquest: None

Notes: Similar to the "Great Maccao Headbreaker" in the previous tier, you will fail this quest if Yian Kut-Ku dies without its head broken, so aim exclusively for the head and its fan-like ears. You have to complete at least two 5-star Prowler Quests before you can see this pop up.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Hunter Art and a second trading cart at the Palico Ranch with Neko (means "Cat"). Sweet!

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