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Monster Hunter Generations
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Author(s): Cassie Sun
First Published: 01-09-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 17:59 GMT
Version: 1.50 (????) 25-05-2020 / 01:35 GMT

Monster Hunter Generations Guide

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Part Two

4-star Requests

Just like the other tiers, there's going to be a horde of people biting at your ankles to do favors for them, so why not stoop down a little, be a humanitarian, and help them out? As usual, the quests are listed by village, with Kokoto requests going first, then Pokke, then Yukumo and finally Bherna.

Jurassic Treasure: The Bug

Objective: Hunt a Volvidon

Location: Jurassic Frontier

Subquest: Slay 15 Bnahabra

Notes: You have to complete the 4-star village quest "Tumbling Troublemaker" before this request pops up. Then, talk to Treshi in Kokoto Village for this village request. This is basically the exact same quest as "Tumbling Troublemaker" except that except it's in Jurassic Frontier instead of Volcano, which might make it easier because no need for Cool Drinks.

Completion of this quest will unlock the 6-star village quest "Advanced: Jurassic Treasure".

Hunt-a-thon: Velocidrome

Objective: Hunt 2 Velocidrome before time expires or deliver a Paw Pass Ticket

Location: Verdant Hills

Subquest: None

Notes: Complete the 3-star village quest "Cancer of the Dunes", and then talk to Trenya in Pokke Village for this request. If you need Velocidrome materials, this is your quest. Otherwise, hunt 2, deliver the Paw Pass Ticket, and call it mission complete!

Completing this quest unlocks the 6-star village quest "Drawing the Waterline" and also rewards you with a Spiky Acorn to make the Insect Glaive Acorn Rod .

Royal Pains

Objective: Hunt 2 Royal Ludroth

Location: Misty Peaks

Subquest: Sever a Royal Ludroth's tail

Notes: Complete the 3-star village quest "Royal Honey Hunt" first. Then talk to the Moga Farmer in Yukumo Village for this request. The Royal Ludroth will likely be constantly on top of each other (what are they doing, competing for territory?) so bring an arsenal of Dung Bombs to avoid a disaster.

Complete this plus the 5-star village quest "The Fisherman's Fiend" to unlock the 5-star village quest "Lagiacrus Fuss". You'll also be rewarded with a King Cactus, which will let you craft the Hammer Cactus Creamer.

Peddling Practice

Objective: Deliver 10 Balmstone Pieces

Location: Misty Peaks

Subquest: None

Notes: Complete the 2-star village quest "Arzuros the Azure Beast" to see this request pop up. Talk to the Spittle-ful Girl in the Yukumo Village's footbath for this request. Beware the instability! Balmstone Pieces can be mined all over Misty Peaks, surely you should know this by now.

Completion of the quest rewards you with the new Kitchen ingredient: Cathar Tomato!

Island Menace

Objective: Capture a Malfestio

Location: Deserted Island

Subquest: Mount and topple monster twice

Notes: You'll need to complete the Moga Chief's Son's first delivery village request before this pops up. You've already fought a Malfestio before, so you can do this again. Just be sure to check for limping so that you don't recklessly charge in for a kill (and fail). Talk to Moga Chief's Son in Yukumo Village for this request.

Completion of this quest will reward you with a Homspun Conch to make the Hunting Horn Swell Shell and also unlocks the 3-star Hunter's Hub quest "Lagiacrushed".

A Unique Cuppa

Objective: Deliver 10 Unique Ferns or a Paw Pass Ticket

Location: Jurassic Frontier

Subquest: Wound Nargacuga's wing

Notes: Talk to the Bherna Gal after completing the 3-star quest "Travelers in Trouble" to unlock this request. Nargacuga is, as you probably expected, the guest monster of this very unstable quest, so defeat her if you'd like (the wing break is a subquest). Unique Ferns should be old hat for you by now.

Completion of this quest adds a new Kitchen ingredient: Spring Rice!

Hunt-a-thon: Gendrome

Objective: Hunt 2 Gendrome before time expires or deliver a Paw Pass Ticket

Location: Dunes

Subquest: None

Notes: Talk to the Caravaneer in Bherna Village for this request. As the name suggests, shortly after you defeat Gendrome, another one will spawn, ready for you to defeat. After defeating two, a Paw Pass Ticket will appear in your supply box ready for you to deliver to the red box to call it a day. Or, you can keep hunting Gendrome, or whatever monster you're hunt-a-thoning, over and over until time expires. This is an easy way to grab lots of materials from a monster you need!

Completion of this quest rewards you with the Derring armor set for your hunter. You'll also get F Derring Lance and F Derring armor for your Palico.

Hunt-a-thon: Daimyo Hermitaur

Objective: Hunt 2 Daimyo Hermitaur before time expires or deliver a Paw Pass Ticket

Location: Deserted Island

Subquest: None

Notes: You need to complete the 3-star village quest "Fishy Favor" first. This is another hunt-a-thon quest, so make sure to use this quest to its fullest if you are in need of Daimyo Hermitaur parts. Otherwise, hunt two and deliver the Paw Pass Ticket.

Completion of this quest will give you the crafting recipes for some new weapons: the Felyne Ragdoll and Melynx Ragdoll Bowguns.

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