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Author(s): Cassie Sun
First Published: 01-09-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
Version: 1.50 (????) 21-02-2020 / 19:09 GMT

Monster Hunter Generations Guide

4 months ago · Guide Information

Brute Wyverns


The debut of Slime/Blast!

Areas Start Roam Rest
Deserted Island 5 2 6
Volcano 3 4, 5, 6, 7 8
Volcanic Hollow 2 6, 8 9

Brachydios is a Brute Wyvern introduced in 3 Ultimate and unlike its brethren who often functioned on charges, Brachydios’s new gimmick is its abnormally powerful forearms by which is punches. It also has parts of its body coated in its saliva, a brilliant green slime. If it coats you, you will be inflicted with Blastblight . After a while, the slime on your body will explode, damaging you! Furthermore, if Brachydios lands a hit on you while you have Blastblight, it will explode and you will take more damage than usual. Roll to get the slime off.

Many of Brachydios’s attacks leave slime puddles on the ground that eventually disappear. But if you touch them beforehand you will have Blastblight. When in rage mode, the slime puddles will explode instantaneously so no more room for guessing!

Brachydios is weakest to Water.

Attack Explanation
Swiping Punch Brachydios will do a small weak punch. Gives you Blastblight and knocks you on your butt
Single Punch Brachydios will punch the ground. In rage mode, this will allow Brachydios to chain into other attacks. Leaves a slime puddle. Sometimes Brachydios will run forward a little and then punch the ground. It varies.
Chain Punch Brachydios will charge forward, but instead of charging forward to ram you, it will punch the ground as it charges to punch you! Leaves a bunch of slime puddles along its path.
Double 180 Tailswing Yes, that pitifully short tail can be used to whip around since it does have a weight on the end. Pretty easy to avoid if you see it coming.
Horn Smash Brachydios will drive its horn into the ground. If not enraged, it will leave behind a HUGE slime puddle, but if enraged, Brachydios will yank its horn out of the ground and cause a line of explosions shooting forward from where it's facing. Can perform this twice. So don't be in front of it, ever.
Mass Explosion Brachydios will drive its horn into the ground and hold it there. Parts of the ground will begin to light up, and then they will explode shortly after, all around Brachydios. So stay away. This attack is only done in rage mode.
Leaping Punch From as far as across the map, Brachydios will leap towards you and slam its fists into the ground. Can be very dangerous because Brachydios will often do this without warning. If you are by its body when it lifts off you also take a lot of damage.
Breakable Parts Reward
Arms (both)
Tail (cut)

Note: The slime on the arms of Brachydios is not infinite and will eventually run out (i.e. none of its attacks will leave slime). Brachydios as a result will periodically lick its forearms, leaving it open to attack, to replenish the slime. If you break its arm/fist things, then the slime depletes at a faster rate. Breaking the horn will not ban Brachydios from doing its horn-based attacks, unfortunately.

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