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Monster Hunter Generations
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Author(s): Cassie Sun
First Published: 01-09-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 17:59 GMT
Version: 1.50 (????) 03-06-2020 / 00:13 GMT

Monster Hunter Generations Guide

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Palico Basics

Palico Dojo

Palico Dojo.

The Palico Dojo is a place where Palicos can learn, grow, rest, or change their primary target. Skills are not fixed forever, so if you find yourself with a Palico who has every perfect skill except one, and another Palico who just so happens to have that one, you can use the Dojo to teach your former Palico the skill the latter has for a perfect Palico! You can also teach support moves to other Palicos (much more restricted on which ones you can teach). And you can forget a move or skill that you learned. All Palicos can only learn one skill and one special move . So think Pokemon but Palicos have one move they can learn or forget instead of four.

Note that you can't use the Dojo to train or teach Palicos whose Enthusiasm is too low. Use Special Training: Catnap, to restore Enthusiasm quickly or just let the Palico recover naturally by being on reserve for a few in-game days.

Lessons is what we'll start with first. Support Move Lesson lets you teach Palicos skills like Big Barrel Bombay, Detox Horn, and Dung Bombay. First, you must pick the "Master". Then you can select up to three "Students". Note that not all Support Moves can be taught. Some are innate to a cat, meaning they can never be passed on. And others have a locked icon next to them, and similarly can't be passed on because the cat itself has not unlocked them yet.

Palico Skill Lesson lets you do the same thing as Support Move Lesson, except you can teach skills. There's a ton more skills you can teach than support moves, so go wild! Remember that each cat can only learn one skill at a time. And remember that locked skills haven't been unlocked by the cat yet so they can't be passed on (yet).

Finally, Forget a Move/Skill will let you drop skills that cats have learned.

Special Training lets you accomplish a few other tasks. For example, if you want to power-level a cat, put them in **** Intense Training. This consumes Enthusiasm quickly, though. Catnap will let a cat restore Enthusiasm very quickly. And Meditation is a way for you to change the target a cat prefers. For example if you found the perfect Palico but find its target bias is "Small Only" and you wish to change it to something like "Large First" or "Balanced", you can do that here. You can "Stop Training" at any time but the resource points you consume to do so will not be refunded.

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