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Monster Hunter Generations
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Author(s): Cassie Sun
First Published: 01-09-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 17:59 GMT
Version: 1.50 (????) 28-05-2020 / 14:12 GMT

Monster Hunter Generations Guide

7 days ago · Guide Information

Part Three

6-star Other Quests

Just like any other quest tier, I present to you the rest of the non-request, non-advanced, non-Prowler, non-key quests!

Whew, that was a mouthful.

From Beyond the Sands

Objective: Hunt a Glavenus

Location: Dunes

Subquest: Mount and topple monster twice

Notes: This is basically a palette swap of your urgent quest. No more Jurassic Frontier, you get to deal with the tricky areas that the Dunes provides you! Take note: this quest is unstable.

Under the Gaze of Heaven

Objective: Hunt 2 Shogun Ceanataurs

Location: Marshlands

Subquest: None

Notes: If you didn't like hunting one, well now you get to hunt two! Due to their fairly narrow range in the Marshlands, compounded with the fact that they're roaming simultaneously, you're going to find yourself fighting two at once more often than not. Prepare for Bleeding and bring some Dung Bombs!

Break the Brachydios

Objective: Capture a Brachydios

Location: Volcano

Subquest: Deliver 1 Wyvern Tear

Notes: Just like "From Beyond the Sands", this is a "recolor" for the previous Brachydios key quest "Brachydios Mio!", which is this quest's prerequisite. Make sure you're packed full of traps and don't overkill or else it's a guaranteed failure.

You'll unlock a new Hunter Art if you complete this one.

Night Terrors

Objective: Hunt all large monsters (Velocidrome, Gypceros, Rathian)

Location: Verdant Hills

Subquest: Earn 700 Wycademy points

Notes: An epic hunt quest! This means their health bars are really, really tiny! So this should be a breeze for you, unless you're willing to endure that subquest.

Bristly Fanged Beasts

Objective: Hunt all large monsters (Bulldrome, Lagombi, Blangonga)

Location: Arctic Ridge

Subquest: Earn 700 Wycademy Points

Notes: Just make sure you bring some Hot Drinks. This shouldn't be too hard for you either, especially since Bulldrome will die before you even finish saying "Bulldrome".

The Cankerous Quagmire

Objective: Hunt all large monsters (Iodrome, Iodrome, Najarala)

Location: Marshlands

Subquest: Earn 700 Wycademy Points

Notes: The two Iodrome will show up simultaneously, followed up by Najarala. Just letting you know so you don't get too shocked to see them overlapping areas and generally being annoying. Bring Antidotes or Herbal Medicines just in case.

Volcano Triple Play

Objective: Hunt all large monsters (Volvidon, Volvidon, Uragaan)

Location: Volcano

Subquest: Earn 700 Wycademy Points

Notes: The two Volvidon will show up simultaneously, followed up by Uragaan, so bring Dung Bombs if you can't handle two monsters in the same area.

The White Brute

Objective: Slay a Kirin

Location: Arctic Ridge

Subquest: Place flag on mountain top

Notes: Kirin is an Elder Dragon specializing in deadly lightning, fast attacks, and the galloping grace you'd expect of a unicorrrrrrrrrrrrrn . Most of Kirin's body is hard and will bounce almost all weapons, especially once it enters rage mode. Its guaranteed weak spot is its horn, so aim there for maximum damage.

A note on the subquest: What the heck flag mountain top thing is that?! Well, first off, you'll see a flag in the blue box. Take it and your health immediately starts depleting for whatever reason. Go to area 8 and look for a small space where you will have to crouch and crawl through. It will lead you to an overhang giving you a pleasant view. Place the flag there .

As far as Kirin goes, it mostly specializes in area of effect lightning bolts and will gallop and buck as well. If your armor is super weak to thunder, definitely take care. Kirin is extra weak to fire.

Its Electric

Objective: Slay a Kirin

Location: Jurassic Frontier

Subquest: None

Notes: Complete "The White Brute" to unlock this quest, "It's Electric". This is basically a recolor of the previous Kirin quest minus the annoying subquest and necessary Hot Drinks so it should be more convenient to farm if need be!

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