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Monster Hunter Generations
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Author(s): Cassie Sun
First Published: 01-09-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
Version: 1.50 (????) 31-03-2020 / 15:48 GMT

Monster Hunter Generations Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

Flying Wyverns


Lightning Strike

Areas Start Roam Rest
Verdant Hills 4 2, 3, 10 5
Marshlands 4 1, 2, 5, 6 4
Ancestral Steppe 7 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 9

Astalos is part of the "elite four" of the new flagship monsters of Generations , characterized by its lightning fast speed, its brute strength, and the beautiful stained glass aesthetic of its wings, in addition to the insectoid theme present throughout its sinuous and graceful length. During the battle, random parts of Astalos will suddenly gain charge and glow a brilliant green (wings, horn, tail, etc.). These parts will then be able to discharge lightning as they attack to cause Thunderblight.

Shock Traps don’t really work well on Astalos as a result of this. I mean, if you want a charged up Astalos…

Astalos is weak to Ice and Water.

Attack Explanation
Lunging Side Chomp Instead of just doing the standard side chomp, Astalos will lunge forward a little at the same time.
Double Headswing Astalos will fling its head up to the right as it steps forward, and will repeat the action again to the left, to try and send you flying with its impressive horn.
Wing Slam Astalos will slam its wing claws into the ground to try and smash you.
Lightning Discharge From whatever part is fully charged, Astalos will shoot a lightning beam. Yes, this can happen from the tail, too, and it looks awesome! Doesn't feel awesome though if it hits you...
Lightning Pillars Astalos will take to the air and use its electricity to send out multiple pillars of lightning sweeping out in random patterns in front of it.
Horn Swipe From the air, Astalos will sweep its head towards to try and slash you with its horn.
Dive Bomb Sometimes Astalos from the air will slam its whole bulk into the ground. If charged, electricity will be discharged as it lands.
Breakable Parts Reward
Wings (both)
Tail (cut)

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    1 September 2016
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    1 November 2019
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