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Author(s): Cassie Sun
First Published: 01-09-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
Version: 1.50 (????) 08-04-2020 / 16:27 GMT

Monster Hunter Generations Guide

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Seltas Queen

Left is alone, right is merged with Seltas.

Areas Start Roam Rest
Jurassic Frontier 2 4, 5, 7 8
Primal Forest 5 1, 2, 4 9

Seltas Queen is the female counterpart to Seltas. Unlike Seltas, Seltas Queen resembles a giant, oversized scorpion with a pincer tail instead of a stinger. It’s surprisingly flexible and dextrous too, so watch out. Seltas Queen will never be fighting you alone, she will always be in the companionship of Seltas, who she can take complete control of when using her pheremones. At that point, they basically merge into a singular monster with the brute strength of Seltas Queen, and the speed of Seltas, and you’ve got trouble on your hands.

Don’t bother killing the Seltas either, as she can just fish another one out of the ground. Poor Seltas. Additionally, if you set a Pitfall Trap while the two are merged, Seltas will pull her out of it (somehow). And if you Shock them, then Seltas will not be shocked but Seltas Queen will, leaving him free to attack while atop Seltas Queen’s shocked back.

Seltas Queen is weakest to fire and… wait for it… ice!

Attack Explanation
Hip Check Seltas Queen will swing her body heavily in one direction to hipcheck you.
Tail Swipe Seltas Queen will lift her tail up high in the air, evoking the image of a house cat. Then she will snipe at you with the pincers. The tail is deceptively long and flexible and her aim is precise.
Charge Seltas Queen will charge slowly at you. When not in rage mode, it's easy to see coming and she'll only charge once before stopping.
Mucus Blast Concluding her rage mode, Seltas Queen will emit a powerful blast of yellow mucus from her jaw. This not only deals massive damage but is a guaranteed stun.
Pickup and Drop When merged with Seltas, he will pick her up and then drop her on the ground to flatten you
Double Power Charge When merged with Seltas, he will help propel her charges ever further and lower his horn while she charges. They will charge up to three times. This dishes out very heavy damage and has a pretty wide hitbox so watch out.
Tail Swing Seltas Queen will sometimes do a slower version of the typical 180 tail swing.
Pheremones Seltas Queen will emit pheremones that summon and release Seltas. The white pheremones are harmless, but the brown pheremones which summons Seltas will cause you to be Soiled, similar to Volvidon's farts.

Note: While merged, Seltas will do its own attacks that it performs when you fight Seltas alone, such as spitting mucus from its butt and swiping at you with its claws. When on its own, but in the same area as Seltas Queen, it will behave just like any regular old Seltas. It can knock you on your butt and send you flying at some pretty inopportune moments so stay aware.

Breakable Parts Reward
Front Claws
Front Legs (both)
Hind Legs (both)
Tail (break)

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    1 September 2016
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    1 November 2019
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