After accepting the mission, make your way over to the objective marker at the Riviera Towers. When you arrive, you’ll notice a good deal of resistance in the area, so go ahead and use your movement and shooting skills to clear out the Scab forces running around at the base of the towers.

Once the zone is free of bad guys, run up to the harpoon gun at the eastern tower and interact with it. Aim the harpoon at the western building and keep your eye out for a shiny target on a balcony above. Shoot this and the harpoon will provide you with a rope to grind up to the target. When you arrive, use the vents to access the next balcony above, and then use the tent and the poles to swing across to the next area.

Clear the base of the towers of Scabs (left) and then use the harpoon guns to start climbing (right).

There is a second harpoon gun here. There is a pair of harpoon targets on the building across the way this time; both hidden behind explosive barrels (shoot them once to destroy them!). The target on the left hand balcony leads to a small area with several supply crates and a chest containing some money, whilst the right hand balcony will enable us to continue. Shoot the right hand target and grind across, clear out any enemies in the area.

Grind up the railing here and use the vent to hop up to the next harpoon gun. There is a target on the right this time, but also enemies on the left as well. Use the harpoon to destroy the explosive barrels on the right to clear an obstruction (and to thin out enemy numbers a bit) before shooting the target on the right, grinding over and mopping up any survivors.

Hop across to the next harpoon gun, shoot the target opposite and head over. Now we need to follow the set path along the wires and swinging poles to reach the next solid platform. As you go, be sure to switch between grinding and undergrinding to avoid the traps along the way. When you reach the first vent, use it to hop across to the vent opposite and then continue grinding until you reach the balcony.

Use a combination of grinding and undergrinding to avoid obstacles on the way up (left). Use the vents to jump the gap when you reach it (right).

There is one more quick platforming section here, so use the vents, poles and wires to get up to the next balcony above. Clear out the enemies guarding the area – note that there are some conveniently placed explosive barrels here to make things a lot easier!

When it’s clear, you’ll notice two harpoons in the immediate area. We can only access the lower harpoon at this time, so hop on in. If you look to the other building, you should see a pair of balconies and a bit of shininess indicating a target behind a barricade in the centre - we need to get to that but we can’t just yet!

Shoot the target over to the right. Kill the Scab here and use the harpoon gun here to shoot back across to the other building, giving us a route to the harpoon we couldn’t access a minute ago. Use this harpoon to make your way over to the left hand balcony this time. From this balcony, we can look behind the barricade and shoot some barrels to bring it down. Return to the other building and use either harpoon to reach the centre target before climbing to the roof.

Use the harpoons to access either side of the centre blockage (left) and shoot the explosives to bring it down (right).

Here a short scene will play and you’ll be introduced to a new enemy type the Scab Rusher. These guys are essentially melee-based enemies that will rush in and try to keep in close proximity whilst trying to bludgeon you to death. They are a particular nuisance when facing off against ranged enemies as well, as such, if you plan on staying on the ground; try to focus on clearing the melee attackers out before anything else!

We’ll have to clear both rooftops of Scabs now and there will be a healthy combination of both Rushers and regular Scabs. As such, you should use your bouncing and grinding to keep moving as you deal with them. Continue to kill them until they stop appearing. Afterwards, grind across to the second rooftop and repeat the process.

Kill off the Scabs and Rushers on the rooftops (left) and then interact with the safe room door (right).

Once the area is clear, you’ll be prompted to investigate the panic room. Do so for a scene. Afterwards, hop down to the bottom of the tower and go grab the highlighted smartphone nearby (and loot the rest of the goodies, of course!). Afterwards return to the Oxford’s Base to end the mission.

Reward/s: Unlock/s:
$ 1,000 Challenge: Bomb Delivery #2
3,000 x Overcharge Challenge: Bomb Delivery #3

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