After starting the quest and speaking with Floyd, it’s time to get started with the upgrade. We need to track down, kill and loot Robot Guts from 5 Fizzco Bot patrols in the Downtown District.

The game lets you go and fetch them in any order you want. Accepting the quest will mark 5 locations on the mini-map. Each of the locations transforms into a blue mission area when you get close enough, inside of which you need to eliminate all of the Fizzco Security forces.

during this mission, you’ll need to attack several Fizzco checkpoints (left). At each, one of the robots will drop the Robot Guts that we need to collect (right).

Below you’ll find the locations of all five patrols, going by proximity order, i.e. the closest search zone to the starting point, then the next closest and the next closest etc.

  • Just to the south of the Fizzco Centre building. This is a Fizzco checkpoint and it consists initially of a Fizzco turret and 5-6 Rifle Bots. Attacking them will spawn another 4-5 Blade Bots and a Bomb Bot.
  • Follow the main street from the first patrol until you reach the second blue mission area. There are plenty of Blade bots and Rifle Bots bot at street level and on the overpass above. Simply kill them until one drops the Robot guts we require.
  • Continue to move east along the main road until you reach another Fizzco checkpoint. This features 2 turrets and 4 Rifle Bots to begin with. Unfortunately, as with the previous checkpoint, attacking it will spawn additional Blade Bots and Bomb bots. Clear them out and loot the quest item when it is safe to do so.
  • Further east along the main road is yet another checkpoint. This has 3 turrets and is guarded by Blade Bots and Rifle bots. It is also under attack by OD forces. Help the factions clear each other out and mop up any surviving Fizzco bots. Loot the Robot Guts to continue.
  • At the final checkpoint, you’ll find the same general set up – 3 turrets and Rifle bots. Attack them to spawn 3 waves of additional forces (Blade Bots and Beam Bots mostly). After killing most of them, a Tank Bot will also show up. Take it down to loot the final Robot Gut item.
  • Clear out the final checkpoint (left). Eventually a Tank Bot will spawn (right). Kill him for the last quest item.

    Once you have recovered the parts from all of the downed Fizzco patrols, return to the Theatre and interact with the vat to upgrade it to complete the mission.

    Reward/s: Unlock/s:
    $ 2,500 N/A
    5,000 x Overcharge
    Vat Capacity Upgrade

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